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Dogs need the benefit of fruit & veggies from NutriFusion
GrandFusion Complete™
GrandFusion Vegan Protein Powder
Formulated for Pets
A Meal Replacement Powder
GrandFusion® Vegan Protein Powder 

Vitamins and phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables in powder form, for inclusion into almost any pet food, pet drink or pet supplement. Provide a high nutritional impact for the health of pets: all from fresh fruits and veggies!   




GrandFusion, Formulated for Pets

GrandFusion® Complete is truly a super food. An all-natural vegetarian super-food designed to meet all nutrient needs…and a whole lot more!

  • Rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9
  • Highest in antioxidants
  • Plus Protein, Fiber
  • Rich in zinc, iron, magnesium and more
  • Non GMO


GrandFusion® Complete, A Meal Replacement Powder

Provides great performance in many types of foods, beverages, sports gels, or protein bars – very versatile for finished applications.
  • High solubility, bio-availability
  • Soy Free
  • Non GMO, Non-allergenic
  • Produces no insulinemic or glycemic spikes
  • Green footprint claims
  • Great moth feel
  • No grittiness
GrandFusion® Vegan Protein Powder

Imagine…an all-natural, nutritional additive that … 

  • Is 100% from fruits & vegetables.
  • Can provide the nutrient-rich benefits of fruits & vegetables in everyday food products.
  • Is easily understood - little consumer education needed.
  • Offers high bio-absorption…the phytonutrients are readily absorbed unlike many synthetic vitamins and minerals.

What would you call this all-natural nutritional-rich food additive?...

NutriFusion™ is by far, the emerging leader in both the rapidly growing food science and nutritional supplement categories. This all-natural blend of whole food concentrations will enable more people of all ages, young adults and children to consume vital nutrients more regularly and more conveniently.

Real Food!

Just Fruits & Veggies!

Organic Produce!

Nutritionally Dense!

Real Food Nutrition!

Highly Bioactive!


Antioxidant Rich!

Real Food Vitamins!

Synthetic Free!

Gluten Free!

Highly Bioabsorbable!

Real Food Benefits!

Highly Proven!

Research Supported!

Real Food & nothing else!

NutirFusion Logo

Look for the NutriFusion™ Logo on Food Packages & Nutritional Supplements

This symbol lets you know that you are getting real food sourced nutrition from fresh fruits and vegetables! Your assurance the nutrients are "from the farm - not the pharmacy". Watch us grow!

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