Mighty Gum and NutriFusion® Partner to Create Functional Gum with Vitamins From Fruits

Naples, Florida – January 2020

Mighty Gum is excited to announce its partnership with NutriFusion® to add six essential vitamins from real fruit to their new, Immunity chewing gum product. Mighty Gum has developed a unique chewing gum to help support immune health using ingredients such as organic Reishi Mushrooms, Black Elderberry, organic Ashwagandha, organic Oranges, Astragalus, Zinc, and organic Banana. The new chewing gum is launching on February 4th with the goal of supporting a balanced immune system, managing stress and increasing vitality.

“One of the biggest issues with vitamins and supplements is compliance. A couple of weeks after we buy a product, most of us forget all about it. I mean, I get it, starting new habits is hard. We created Mighty Gum to make an existing habit work harder for us – chewing gum!” says CEO of Mighty Gum, Mathew Thalakotur. “When creating Mighty Gum, I was determined to use only the absolute best ingredients. Not all vitamins are equal, synthetic vitamins can’t compare to the bio-availability of vitamins derived from fresh organic fruit. That’s why I knew I had found the right partner when I met NutriFusion.”

NutriFusion, LLC has been producing fruit and vegetable-based nutrient blends for food, beverage, supplement, and pet brands since 2008. The partnership with Mighty Gum showcases the uniqueness of the GrandFusion® Six Fruit Vitamin Blend. With GrandFusion®, Mighty Gum delivers 15% RDA of 6 vitamins per 2 pieces of gum. The vitamins include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), and Vitamin B6.

Myra Mackey, Executive Vice President at NutriFusion®, had this to say, “We believe this product is going to be a huge disruption in the gum and immunity categories. The chewing gum delivery method really helps the nutrients get into your system faster. We love seeing our GrandFusion® fruit powder in these pieces of gum and we know consumers will too!”

About NutriFusion® – www.nutrifusion.com

NutriFusion® was formed in 2008 and is headquartered in Naples, FL and provides the nutrient-rich benefits of fruits and vegetables in everyday food and beverage products. NutriFusion® sources only whole, organic, Non-GMO foods to create its concentrated micronutrient and phytonutrient-rich food ingredient blends. GrandFusion®, a patented blend of fruits and/or vegetables can significantly increase the nutritional profile and marketability of food, beverage and supplement products. NutriFusion® uses only fresh food, never synthetic additives, excipients, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients.

About Mighty Gum – www.mightygum.com

Mighty Gum is a brand of functional chewing gum, based in Seattle. Mighty Gum’s first product is the Immunity gum, which is available now. This Immunity chewing gum is made with adaptogens, botanicals, and vitamins that support our body’s natural ability to protect itself. Free from sugar, aspartame, allergens, and GMOs, this vegan chewing gum is designed to help you feel as fresh as your breath.