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Kids Games That Are Great for Your Health, Even If You’re an Adult

For most of us, growing up has meant a large portion of stress with a small side of fun (every now and then…if you’re lucky). But being an adult shouldn’t mean you never get to enjoy the relaxing and body-strengthening benefits of play. In fact, if we can get over the idea that playing games […]

Does Eating Too Much Sugar Cause Diabetes ?

Diabetes is a terminal illness that’s common in countries where cardiovascular diseases and obesity are common. For this reason, professionals believe that it’s caused by the same things that cause the already mentioned health problems. However, there isn’t any exclusive research that pinpoints what is the root cause of type 2 diabetes. Many people associate […]

The Truth About Mac & Cheese

When it comes to comfort food, mac & cheese is one of the most popular dishes out there. It’s so easy to make, and when you want a quick fix it’s there for you. However, is it really the best thing you can be eating when you need a quick meal? Here’s the truth about […]

Heart-Healthy Foods that Feed the Mind Too

A Tribute to the Heart Is a Reward to the Mind Did you know that heart disease accounts for more than a third of deaths worldwide? Disorders and diseases of the heart are some of the most common ailments in the modern world. Fueled in part by our sedentary lifestyles, consumption of refined sugar and […]

Is Milk Really Killing Our Athletic Performance And Health?

In the sports and fitness community, you can often hear the advice to give up milk completely. It is believed that these products interfere with weight loss, negatively affect your well-being and performance during workouts, and can be detrimental to your health. Going forward, milk can indeed be detrimental, but not to everyone and not […]

How Many Hours of Sleep Do Teens Need?

It may seem that your teen can sleep around the clock, especially during school holidays. While that’s not precisely true, teens do need more sleep to help them be their best during busy days. The Journal of Paediatrics & Child Health suggests that teens should aim for 9-10 hours of sleep a day, based on scientific […]

Can Drinking Soda Really Kill You?

A lot of conflicting studies have been done to ascertain if drinking soda can lead to premature death. Some studies have concluded on the affirmative, while others have refuted the claims. Those on the affirmative say soda consumption is associated with diseases like stroke, cognitive degradation, asthma, and hypertension. Those contradicting say that most of […]