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Julian’s Recipe Partners with NutriFusion® to Add Natural Vitamins from Six Vegetables

Julian’s Recipe, LLC, a European inspired, gourmet waffle, artisan bread and snack company, has announced it is partnering with NutriFusion® to add the essential nutrients from six vegetables to their latest products. The Julian’s Recipe Savory Potato Waffles marks the first product launch with the GrandFusion® vegetable blend for the company. The new potato waffle […]

USDA Reported Trends in Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables

Although there is a strong campaign for Americans to eat fruits and vegetables, the Economic Research Service (ERS) noted that the total consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables have fallen from 299 pounds to 272 pounds per person within ten years. The study was conducted from 2003 to 2013. The widespread decline of eating fruits […]

Infographic: What do Millennials Eat?

As we already mentioned in this article, the millennials are currently the most exciting generation of product and service companies because of their buying power, shopping demands and capacities. One of the things that the millennials do not feel sorry paying for is food. Research shows that they spend more money on food than previous […]

Developer Creates More Visual Food Data With Interactive App

More consumers are reading food labels than ever before. Customers expect packaged foods to contain the appropriate and promised ingredients. A developer has reinvented food data by launching a new web app, Sage Project. Co-founded by Sam Slover and backed by the FDA, the Sage Project is an online platform that gives food data and […]

New Research: Food Shopping Habits of Millennials

The food landscape is ever changing, and so does the behavior of people. Watershed Communications, a national brand strategy agency, conducted a study regarding the food shopping habits of Millennials. The participants, aged 18 to 35 years old, were asked to describe a food brand that they found authentic. They also had to answer questions […]

Creative Marketing Strategies Can Help Kids Eat Veggies

Most parents find it difficult to get their kids to eat veggies. But with the right help, parents may be able to locate the solution, thanks to creative marketing strategies. Researchers from Ohio State University in Columbus used a simple method to encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables. They placed banners in school cafeterias […]

General Mills Looking to Improve Yogurt Products in 2017

General Mills has created a giant with its yogurt business by generating $2.8 billion in annual sales. But the company has seen a significant drop off across brands in the past two years, and they believe it’s time to innovate their portfolio to become more competitive in the evolving category. Yogurt is an Essential Food for […]

American Consumers Want More Healthy Snacks

Consumers are becoming wiser these days, and they are not only buying snack foods to satisfy their cravings but also to maintain good health. Healthy snacks are the leading category for growth for companies looking to enter the “better-for-you” food market. Companies like Mondelez and Diamond Foods have taken into account the needs and preferences […]

Baby Boomers Want More Clean Label Products

Clean label is a new term used in the food manufacturing industry to depict food as only using simple and natural ingredients. The trend was expected to appeal to the younger consumers, but clean label products surprisingly appeal to the baby boomers too. Baby boomers or those who belong in their fifties are the ones […]

Flexitarians: A Food Manufacturer’s New Best Friend

American consumers are now opting to eat less meat in favor for plant-based protein sources like nuts, beans, and jackfruit.  Dubbed as “flexitarians” or the flexitarian diet, this has sparked a new trend in the market for products that feature meaty texture and flavors minus the meat. Around 38% of Americans claim that they have […]