62% of Americans Drink At least One Cup of Coffee Per Day

The consumption of coffee in the US for 2015 was 132.3 million pounds. That amount placed the US as one of the top eight countries regarding coffee-drinking. The coffee industry in the United States is stable albeit some weak sales in the past.

One Cup a Day

In a recent survey conducted by the National Coffee Association (NCA) the USA, there is an increasing number of Americans who reach for at least one cup of coffee each day. Chief Executive of CNA, Bill Murray, noted that there is a steady growth for gourmet coffee varieties and this trend has pushed more coffee places to open to cater to the needs of people.

More than 3,000 people participated in the survey. The study revealed that 62% of the respondents noted that they drunk coffee the day before they took the questionnaire. This was interpreted as their daily consumption. The study also pointed out that 37% of the respondents between the age of 13 and 18 years old drank at least one cup a day while 64% of respondents between the age 40 and 59 did.

Gourmet Coffee Varieties Leading Growth

There is also an increasing trend of drinking gourmet coffee varieties. In fact, 24% of the participants noted that they prefer to drink espresso-based coffee more than ever. While the survey pointed out that there is an increasing number of Americans who drink coffee every day, the frequency of coffee drinking has reduced as more and more prefer only to consume a single cup daily and nothing more.

The trend of drinking a single cup of coffee has alarmed those in the coffee industry as this can affect their total sales. In fact, an average American coffee drinker now drinks 1 cup daily compared to three cups of coffee a few years back. One of the biggest culprits of this trend is the popularity of single-cup brewers like Keurig. In fact, there is a rising number of respondents (about 33%) who own their very own single-cup brewers.

The shift towards single-serve coffee means that people are brewing only what they want to drink for the day. Before, people would brew a pot of coffee using their traditional coffee maker. With the popularity of single-cup brewers, they brew only one cup. This trend has affected the coffee industry. For instance, Reuters reported that in February of this year (2017), many American consumers are purchasing less coffee. But the same report also noted that there was an increase in the sales of single-serve brewers.

Coffee Sales Still Healthy

Although the consumption of coffee has reduced regarding volume, the sales of coffee have remained high. Americans spent $11.9 billion on coffee in 2014, and this increased to $13.6 billion last year. The main reason for this is that roasters often charge a lot of money for single-serve coffee makers.

There is an irony when it comes to drinking coffee as the number of drinkers has increased while the frequency has declined. Although this may be the case, the sales of coffee beans are a good indication that the coffee industry is still strong in the United States.

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Coffee May Reduce Colon Cancer Risk

For many years, people have thought that drinking a lot of coffee is dangerous to the body. If you love drinking coffee, then you will be happy with this news. Researchers from the National Israeli Cancer Control Center noted that drinking coffee may lower your colon cancer risk by as much as 50%. Whether you drink decaf or regular coffee, there is no difference when it comes to its health benefits.

The Research Says Antioxidants Are King

So what makes coffee very beneficial in lowering colon cancer risk? Senior researcher of the study, Dr. Gad Rennert, noted that coffee has high antioxidant properties that are released during the roasting process. The research studied more than 5,100 colon cancer patients in northern Israel, comprised both of women and men. The patients were then compared to more than 4,000 individuals who do not have any trace of colon cancer.
During the study, participants reported the amount of coffee that they drank as well as the types of coffee. Moreover, the participants also reported any risk factors such as diet, family history, smoking, and physical activity. However, Dr. Rennert indicated that drinking coffee does not lower the possibility of colon cancer, but is associated with reduced risk. This means that people who drink coffee every day are found to have fewer risks for developing colon cancer. The mechanism is still a mystery to date.

How Much Coffee Should You Drink?

How much coffee is good for the body? The researchers found out that drinking one to two cups of coffee daily is linked to a 26% reduction in colon cancer risk. For people who drank more than two cups of coffee, the risk was lowered to 50%.  The type of coffee does not affect the health benefits thus whether you drink decaf, espresso, instant, or filtered coffee, the benefits are the same.

What Do Other Studies Say About Coffee and Colon Cancer Connection?

Dr. Andrew Chan from the Harvard Medical School in Boston noted that there is a lot of evidence that supports the association of coffee and low colon cancer risk. What most studies lack is to identify the specific protective agents in coffee that can lower the risk for colon cancer. But what is most interesting is that studying the effects of coffee can also lead to clues on how colon cancer develops.

Similar studies have shown the same results. According to Susan Gapstur from the American Cancer Society, the studies that included the collection of information regarding the diet of the participants revealed that there is no significant value when it comes to lowering the risk of colon cancer. This means that non-coffee drinkers can also have reduced a risk of colon cancer based on the type of diet that they enjoy.

Colon cancer risk is very high especially now that people live very unhealthy lifestyles. The news that coffee can lower the risk is very exciting especially for individuals who love to drink coffee. Tomorrow afternoon when you start to yawn, don’t worry about drinking that third cup of coffee, because it might just save your colon one day.

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Parkinson’s Disease Risk Reduced in Coffee Drinkers

Do you know that a cup of coffee each day could keep Parkinson’s Disease away? According to a recent study, coffee consumers are less susceptible in developing Parkinson’s Disease compared to non-coffee drinkers.

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