Petco to Stop Selling Pet Products with Artificial Ingredients

Petco, one of the largest pet food retailers, has stated that they are no longer going to sell cat and dog food made with artificial ingredients. They have since announced that any items made with artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors will be pulled from their shelves. This came as a shock for many people who are used to buying pet food products with artificial ingredients, but it was not surprising to the millions of pet consumers demanding clean label ingredients for their furry friends.

New CEO, New Policies

This in part came about after the new CEO Ron Coughlin came into his new position back in June of 2018. He brought about this change to remind consumers what Petco’s primary objective is as a company.

They chose to do this based on their commitment to the wellbeing of pets. Petco wants for owners to treat their pets as family, and this includes the way that they eat. Beginning in the new year, over 50 different artificial ingredients will no longer be allowed in Petco’s stores. Petco wishes to have all artificially made products removed from their shelves before May of 2019.

Although this may seem like a substantial financial risk for the company, Petco’s CEO has since stated that it was the right thing to do. Their goal is to positively impact the lives of the animals we call our pets. This is more important than the potential financial blow that may follow after this move.

These changes will impact large companies such as Cat Chow and Pedigree. Petco has since stated that they are working with these companies to have them change the way they create their products and make the switch to a more natural alternative.

The only exception would be two specially branded cat foods meant to assist cats with a rare health issue. In some cases, there is not yet a natural alternative to the artificially made ingredient, which explains why it will be allowed to stay on shelves.

Petco is Leading the Way

This is a significant move on Petco’s part as other pet food retailers will probably begin to follow suit. It is safe to assume that companies that produce pet foods will also start to adopt new means of production that exclude artificial ingredients. This change will most likely negatively impact companies who have been producing artificial ingredients.

Petco maintains over 1,500 different locations and employs over 20,000 people. Their company has been known to put the wellbeing of animals over their desire for profit. In 2010, Petco launched a National Pet Food Bank to allow financially struggling owners to keep their pets and feed them properly.

Petco is a retailer that strives to continue serving animals and owners alike, with their primary goal of delivering positive experiences for pets and owners. This company has continued to serve the pet loving community for over 50 years.

This decision to pull artificial ingredients directly reflects their vision of healthier, happier pets across the world. Be expectant to see Petco continue to pursue changes that directly influence the pet food market, and that will ultimately ensure that more animals can live long, happy, healthy lives as our faithful companions.

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Sales of Pet Food Growing Faster Than Packaged Human Food Sales

Pet manufacturers have been racking up the sales from their pet foods over the past few years. They have been doing so well that they are now growing faster than packaged human food sales. The video above digs into a little more detail on just how quickly pet food sales are growing.

The latest acquisition in the pet food space shows how big pet food brands can be. General Mills recently acquired Blue Buffalo for $8 billion. Mars also purchased VCA pet care provider in 2017 for $9 billion to go with their purchase of IAMs for $3 billion 2014.

So Why so Much Capital Investment in Pet Food?

The $30.6 billion U.S. pet food market is expected to grow by 2.3% over the next five years compared to 1% in packaged human food. The fast-growing pet food market is not slowing down anytime soon, and investors want to grab profits while the industry is hot.

NutriFusion Adds Plant-Based Vitamins & Minerals to Premium Pet Food

Why does NutriFusion care about the pet food market? We developed a patent-pending method for stabilizing the naturally occurring vitamins in fruits and veggies. Premium pet food manufacturers are in love with our product because now they don’t have to add synthetic supplements to their fantastic products. With our grandfusion blends, you can dial in the exact amount you need without losing large percentages in the production process. Interested in learning more? Download our GrandFusion for Pet Resource kit today!

Pet Food Trends to Watch in 2018

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It is expected that pet food sales in the US will continue to grow substantially into 2022. Packaged Facts released a report that last year alone pet food sales were more than $26 billion. They attributed this increase to millennials’ love for their pets. Just like with other sectors, millennials are becoming the prominent market consumers. Secondly, online sales are also a driving factor behind the growth in sales.

So, here are the critical pet food trends to watch for in 2018:

Protein as the #1 Ingredient

Just like humans, pets are also primarily protein consumers. With new research, newer protein-focused products are being rolled out. These studies aim to replicate the diet of our furry friends, just as if they were in the wild. So, there’s considerable interest in exotic proteins, multiple proteins, protein as the first ingredient, and even single-protein products. Aside from the massive interest in high-quality protein, the industry is also interested in whole prey pet food that mimics the wild animal diet. Other companies are digging into plant-based proteins for their four-legged friend’s diet.


Do-It-Yourself Pet Food

Just like with the human diet fad that shuns processed foods, another emerging trend for the year is DIY pet food. If you look at Kindle book sales, they are selling varieties of pet food recipes that are made from whole and natural foods. Pet food makers are tapping into this market by offering products that can be combined with whole foods or products that can be personalized to their pet’s diet. This trend unlocks the door for the pet owner to customize their pet food.

Functional and Micro-Niches

Canine friends are beloved companions of their human owners, that’s why as much as possible pet owners try to lengthen their pet’s lives by providing preventative diets that hopefully keep their pets healthy. These functional benefits in pet food can be specific food products that are solely targeted to specific dogs with chronic health conditions, activity level, breed, age, size, or even the type of fur.

Preventative Benefits

As mentioned earlier, pet parents take good care of their pets by providing them with food that is meant to prevent illness and promote good health. It is perceived by pet parents that high-quality foods for their canine or feline friends are seen to be more efficient in improving good health in their pets. You will see brands adding new ingredients like GrandFusion to add plant-based vitamins and minerals instead of fortifying with traditional supplements. Interested in learning more? Download more information on our pet food products to see the benefits for yourself.

Home-Delivered Pet Food

To some, this may be something new, but to avid pet lovers, this is no longer an idea but a fact. Actually, there are several pet food producers that provide this service and they are Ollie, JustFoodForDogs, and The Farmer’s Dog to name a few. What’s great about this concept is that they deliver fresh food and customized offerings. Add to that the convenience of delivery and enjoyment of high-quality food is a win-win situation both for the pet and the owner.

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Infographic: Top 19 Pet Food Controversies

The pet food industry is more complicated than ever for consumers to navigate. Pet consumers have started to put an emphasis on their dog or cat’s diet. They want their furry friend to eat healthily so they can live longer, have a better coat, cleaner teeth, and more. However, choosing the right pet food can be difficult because of all the lawsuits, pet food recalls, and complaints from other pet owners. created an infographic earlier this year to detail the top 19 controversies to know about when choosing your next pet food. Enjoy!

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