Summer 2018: Kroger’s Top Food Trends

Here are the top Kroger food trends of summer 2018 to watch out for and enjoy.

1 – Snacking that’s Better for You

With a busy summer, consider raising your standards for on-the-go snacking especially when out and about during road trips, soirees, and picnics. You can take your pick from hydrating with the new sparkling coconut water, fun twists on seltzers, and healthy snack bars. You can choose from Kroger’s Simple Truth Date Bars, Simple Truth Seltzer waters, or Simple Truth Sparkling Coconut Water.

2 – Alcohol Flavored Foods

Summer brings together families and friends to enjoy the sunshine outside and partake in good food. And what better way to imbibe on alcohol without the side effects of being tipsy? Enjoy alcohol-infused food and flavors, of course! Enjoy booze-infused eats, bourbon-infused cola, and even wine-infused steak sauce. Check out Brown Butter Bourbon Truffle Ice Cream to beat the heat or Private Selection Wine Infused Steak Sauces to add oomph to your BBQ parties!

3 – International Flavor

Gustatory delights are just around the corner with new and exciting flavors all over the world. Delight your senses and palate from African Peri Peri to Korean inspired sauces. Try Kroger’s General Tso’s Chicken Potato Chips, Private Selection Wing Sauces, and Private Selection 24-Hr Marinated Jerky to name a few.

4 – Comfort Food

Get nostalgic and remember your childhood days with traditional dishes reinvented to wow your palate. Now that you are a grown-up, you also want to try grown-up renditions of old-school soda pop flavors, pimento cheeses, and even mac & cheese. Interested? Try out Kroger Real Sugar Sodas, Private Selection Mac & Cheese sauces and Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream.

5 – Cocktails and Meals—No Waste

What does that even mean? Well, America is widely known to be wasteful, and to minimize food waste, this is the solution to the dilemma. Did you know that 40% of the food produced each year in this country goes to waste? And did you also know that 1 out of 8 American is hungry? To combat this, consumers are getting more creative when it comes to repurposing ingredients, storing food to extend freshness, buying only what you need, meal planning, and even getting inventive with leftovers.

6 – Flexitarian Lifestyle

Flexitarian is a person who is primarily a vegetarian but sometimes eats fish or meat. It was noted that flexitarian practices are in the trend where people tend to eat vegetables as a significant part of their diet. However, they also enjoy poultry, fish, meat, and dairy on occasions. However, with the innovation in the food industry, there’s so many to choose from the meat-free and dairy-free alternatives that ooze with flavorful enjoyment with each bite. With these options, buyers can have a better-for-me and flexible decisions due to the options available. Kroger choices can be Simple Truth Meatless Crispy Tenders, Simple Truth Meatless Stuffed Cutlets, and Simple Truth Meatless Patties and Crumbles to name a few.

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2016 American Consumer Snacking Trends

Snacking is very popular among Americans. Most believe that snacks give them the energy to sustain their daily activities. Americans take snacks seriously and 75% of consumers place more importance on the health value of snacks than the taste.  In fact, the preference to healthy indulgence was reflected in the snack trends presented by the National Confectioners Association’s Sweet & Snacks Expo of 2016.

Hybrid Snacks

Hybrid snacks refer to those that are made from a combination of many ingredients like chips or meat snacks. During the expo, there was a rise in protein packed trail mixes that are made from meats and carbohydrates. Brands like Farmer’s Pantry, Tanka and Oberto have introduced hybrid snacks, and the general public has embraced. This type of snack trend has also led to the creation of unusual combinations like chocolate-covered meat jerky and pizza crust chips.

Fruit and Vegetables 

snacking on fruit and vegetables good health veggie straws nutrifusion grandfusion natural vitaminsSnacks that are based on fresh fruit and vegetables are very popular. These include the sweet dried or chocolate dipped fruits to the tasty veggie chips. Many consumers opt for fresh fruit and vegetable snacks because they are not only satisfying but also healthier than traditional snacks. Using an ingredient like GrandFusion nutrient blends gives brands the opportunity to add natural vitamins from fruit and/or vegetables without impacting the taste or texture of the snacks.

Emoji-Shaped Foods

Emoji-shaped snacks are preferred not because they are healthy but because they look attractive. The trend of snacking on emoji-shaped foods allows people to communicate their emotions without using words–just snacks. From Pez dispensers to emoji gummies, consumers will be able to express themselves with food.

Original Snacks

Eating old snacks like Hershey’s Kisses is nostalgic. One of the snack trends that seasoned food companies have adapted is to innovate their existing products. For instance, Cadbury created a new line of Crème Egg Cookies while Reese’s  and then collaborated with Hershey’s to create an ice cream topping. There is a need for popular brands to innovate to stay afloat in a competitive snack industry.

Global Flavors

Conventional snacks are made more interesting by infusing global flavors into them. Many food manufacturing companies incorporate new and exotic flavors to make their snacks interesting. For instance, Pop Art’s flavored popcorn features different flavors such as tandoori yogurt, nori sesame, and Thai coconut curry.

superfood snacking simple ingredients real ingredientsSnacking on Simple and Real Ingredients

With the high demand for snacks with clean labels, many food brands now feature simple ingredient lists that lack artificial colors and flavors. Most food companies also feature super food ingredients such as mulberries, goji berries, acai berries, and chia seeds. This particular snack trend caters to consumers who prefer to buy products made from natural ingredients. Although the price of healthy snacks is higher than conventional snacks, people consider it more bang for the buck.

Americans are snacking more than ever compared to the past few decades. The demand for new snacks from the consumers is driving many food companies to innovate and launch new products regularly. What will your next break-through snack be?

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