Real Food Vitamins for Millennials

Millennial Market Stats

There are over 79 million millennials in the United States and they are currently the largest generation with the most buying power. Millennials’ shopping trends are changing in a few ways. Euromonitor International found that 40% of millennials are looking for products with limited or no artificial ingredients. IRI data shows that millennials are spending more than other generations on prepared foods that are convenient. Simple ingredients and clean labels are incredibly important to this generation. Lastly, online grocery shopping for packaged foods is going through the roof because of this generation. Key packaging claims about the simple ingredients and health benefits of a product are super important to selling more products with online groceries.

Research continues to show the importance of vitamins and minerals for overall health. GrandFusion® vitamins help food, beverage, and supplement processors create the products of tomorrow that so many millennials are demanding.

Go With GrandFusion® Vitamins

GrandFusion® nutrient-dense fruit and veggie powders are able to withstand a wide variety of manufacturing processes, making it so much easier for processors to add plant-based vitamins and minerals to their products. How do GrandFusion® vitamins and minerals survive robust processing? Proprietary technology enables NutriFusion® to stabilize and concentrate the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables. By adding the right amount of GrandFusion® to your products, you can easily make important claims like Excellent Source, Rich in Antioxidants, and the Nutritional Equivalent of Servings of Vegetables or Fruits.

Highly Concentrated = Ease of Use

GrandFusion® is highly concentrated making it a natural standout for formulators and product developers. GrandFusion is easy to add in to existing recipes saving costly reformulation. Additionally, GrandFusion® has no impact on taste, flavor, pallet feel, texture, etc.

Formulation Ideas

  • Nutritional Snack and Meal Bars with Natural Vitamins
  • Chips and Veggies Straws with GrandFusion®
  • Microwavable Products for the “Better-for-You” Consumers
  • Easy to Prepare Soups with GrandFusion® Vitamins and Minerals for Immune Support
  • Works with almost any private label food, beverage, or supplement application

Download the GrandFusion® Product Kit

Our GrandFusion® Product Kit includes the following:

  • GrandFusion® Product Specifications (NF-216, NF-316, NF-416, NF-661, NF-2371, NF-D3, and more!)
  • GrandFusion® Product Information Slides for Product Development
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GrandFusion® Benefits

  • Better for You and Your Customers
  • Squeaky Clean Label
  • Simple Ingredient Statement (no chemicals)
  • Functional Health Benefit of Natural Vitamins
  • Easy to formulate.
  • No costly reformulations (no impact on taste, flavor, pallet feel, etc.)
  • Excellent Bioavailability and Bioabsorption.
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Highly concentrated- 450 mgs will provide 100% of the DV.
  • Real Food Nutrition, synthetic free!
  • Research to support all claims

Possible Claims

  • Excellent Source of Vitamin A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, etc.
  • Rich in Antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, and E)
  • Nutritional Equivalent of 1 – 2 Servings of Vegetables/Fruits
  • Made with Real Fruits and Vegetables

Real Food.
Real Nutrition.

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