NutriFusion® in the News


Small Manufacturers Are Experiencing Large Growth

Although almost $3 billion in losses took place in U.S. retail during the first quarter because of a shift in […]

The World’s First Healthy Alcoholic Beverage

COCO Cocktail is a healthy alternative to the traditional alcoholic beverage. With many clear benefits, consumers debate whether or not […]

The Rise of Cauliflower Rice

The recent rise of “riced” vegetables has led to criticism amongst food connoisseurs. Betsy Ward, the president of USA Rice, […]

Flexitarian Diet Could Decrease Chance of Obesity by 50%

Obesity is one of the most pressing health problems affecting many countries. With the wrong food choices and lack of […]

Probiotic Drinks More Popular Than Ever

There is an increasing number of health-conscious individuals who prefer to buy products that have more nutritional value than junk […]

PowerBar Brand Adds Plant-Based Snack Bars

PowerBar, a snack bar company, based in California decided to meet the demands of vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who is […]