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Mixed Reality: The Future For Food And Beverage Brands

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been two of the largest trends in technology over the past few years. Companies […]

Study Shows That Consumers Do Not Understand Clean Labels

Clean labels can be defined as an understandable declaration of what is inside the food that we eat. Jargon indicating […]

Shoppers Willing To Spend Extra For Ingredients They Recognize

Most shoppers today are more aware of the food and beverage products they buy. They opt for products made from […]

Why Consumers Are Filing Class Action Lawsuits with Food Manufacturers

Today’s consumers are vigilant. In fact, cases that have been filed against the food industry have increased since 2008. The […]

Costco Is Focusing on Its Online Store to Improve Revenues

Costco, an iconic membership-only warehouse club, is known for selling products for a lower price through scale. In fact, it […]

PepsiCo Pushed Zero Sugar for Super Bowl

PepsiCo is one of the major sponsors for the Super Bowl and the highlight for this year’s game was its […]