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Can Skin Cancer Risk Be Reduced By Vitamin A?

Are you ready for the answer? Straight from the researcher’s findings and as published in JAMA Dermatology: “We found an inverse association between intake of vitamin A and carotenoids and risk of cutaneous [squamous cell carcinoma], supporting the protective role of vitamin A against [squamous cell carcinoma] development. Our data further support the contention that […]

Llama Naturals, Inc. Partners with NutriFusion® to Launch Kids and Adults Multivitamin from Fruits & Vegetables

Naples, Florida – August 2019 Llama Naturals, Inc. has announced it is partnering with NutriFusion® to add thirteen essential vitamins from fruits and vegetables to their new, kids and adults plant-based vitamin bites product line. Llama Naturals only uses NutriFusion fruit and vegetable powders and other simple ingredients including organic baobab powder, organic fruit, apple […]

Your Mainstream Guide to Vitamins and Minerals in Drinks

Drink your vitamins and minerals! Yes, I’ll repeat it for mainstream people, meaning people on the go, drinking their food has fast become the norm. But don’t let these drinks fool you because they pack a lot of punch. Need some energy boost? Easy! Just look for drinks that have B-vitamins to keep you on […]

Do Consumers Know Where Almond Milk Comes From?

Sounds like a silly question but the word milk is commonly associated with cows, like cow’s milk. And herein lies the confusion. When grocery shoppers are out and about trying to meet their grocery list, they are faced with more choices than ever. Groceries now have a variety of milk to choose from, like plant-based […]

4 Nutrients That Vegans are Likely Missing in Their Diet

Common reasons why people go vegan is that they are concerned about animal welfare, trying to reduce their environmental footprint, and even wanting to be healthy. Whatever reasons why people embrace the vegan lifestyle, one thing is for sure, some of their nutrient needs may not be met adequately. And four vitamins and minerals are […]

Food Premix Market Update & Key Findings

Worldwide, we are witnessing a surge in the popularity of the food premix market. The global market is foreseen to have a 5.6% growth increase during 2017-2026. The market is expected to exceed $2 billion in revenue. The surge of nutrient premix consumption, for example, amino acid-based formulas in baby food show the growing preference […]

E-commerce Growth is Influenced Largely by Consumer Confidence Says IRI

With trade challenges attributed to tariffs and a partial government shutdown, 2019 did not get off to a good start. Retailers are working to make the shopping experience better for all consumers. With customers becoming more comfortable with online shopping, more and more businesses are enhancing their online options for e-commerce growth. Why People are […]

Study Shows Increase in Early Death Risk Linked to Ultra-Processed Food

Ultra-processed food may provide convenience, but it comes with more adverse effects on health than advantages. It is essential for people to think twice before consuming them every day. In a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, there is an increased likelihood of early death among people who consume higher amounts of ultra-processed food. […]

FDA Commissioner Plans to Modernize Dietary Supplement Regulations

Scott Gottlieb, M.D., resigning FDA Commissioner, revealed plans of strengthening the agency’s dietary supplements regulations. He expressed concern about FDA policies and abilities to manage risks that may emerge with the changes in the industry. The head of the FDA announced a goal this month to regulate modern dietary supplements. Resigning FDA commissioner, Gottlieb, raised […]

Gen Z Eating Habits are Healthier and More Convenient

Generation Z refers to a group of people who are born from 1995 to 2010. Although they are one of the youngest demographics, they are moving the food culture in the United States. A report released by Packaged Facts noted that Gen Z eating habits are more likely to include a snack between meals compared […]