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8 Natural Food Trends Disrupting the Market

Natural food products are no longer a unique niche with a few followers. With the natural food movement growing across the industry, this niche has turned into a necessity for brands. The New Hope Network conducted research that showed that people are consuming a lot of natural food products. Food manufacturers are prioritizing such opportunities […]

The Medical Food Trend is Growing

Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Despite the advancements in medical technology, many people are now considering medical food and nutrition to treat diseases and improve health conditions. In a survey conducted by Nielsen, 39% of American households have someone who suffers from a particular ailment. And with […]

Innovative Food Brands Sneak Veggies on to Your Plate

Clean eating is taking over as more people connect their health to the food they eat. Many consumers are moving away from eating artificial ingredients for better and healthier options. Food companies are taking advantage by adding fruits and veggies to a variety of convenient foods that consumers eat. The Clean Eating Shift This shift towards […]

American Meat Consumption at Highest Point in 40 Years

Meat is a staple on the American dinner table. In fact, the per capita consumption of meat in the United States last year was 5% higher compared to previous years. According to the research firm Rabobank, the average American now consumes around 193 pounds of meat last year which is higher than the 184 pounds […]

Energy Drink Industry Reached Record Global Sales in 2015

Energy drinks are all the rage these days. People are fascinated with the idea that a drink will give them enough energy for all their daily activities. But how is the energy drink industry faring these days? In the study conducted by research firm, Mintel, it revealed that the number of energy drinks launched in […]

Annie’s Wants Organic To Be Affordable For All Consumers

The rise of organic food is creating waves all over the United States. The news circulating about the dangers of eating foods laced with pesticides and other harmful agricultural chemicals is shifting people towards clean eating. Consumers are seeing the benefits of eating organic products. However, the accessibility of organic foods is mostly exclusive to […]

Beverage Giant, PepsiCo, Joins The Organic Bandwagon

Food and beverage manufacturers are revamping their products by using organic and natural ingredients. One company that has recently joined the bandwagon is PepsiCo. PepsiCo is launching a new version of Gatorade that has been certified organic by the USDA. The new product is devoid of any artificial flavoring and coloring. PepsiCo is releasing the […]

Kid’s Menus Should Not be a Marketing Gimmick

Are you raising picky eaters? Then you will be surprised with the recent trend of restaurants offering healthier kid’s menus. Gone are the days when your only fast food option was chicken nuggets, burgers, and fries. Over the past few years, various restaurants started providing dishes that contain ingredients that your kids might not currently […]

Nielsen Says Consumers Are Now Ingredient Inspectors

With the advent of healthy living and clean eating, more people all over the world now practice due diligence when it comes to their food. In the recent Nielsen’s Global Health and Ingredient-Sentiment Survey, 70% of the respondents said that they make dietary choices to avoid health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. […]

Julian’s Recipe Partners with NutriFusion® to Add Natural Vitamins from Six Vegetables

Julian’s Recipe, LLC, a European inspired, gourmet waffle, artisan bread and snack company, has announced it is partnering with NutriFusion® to add the essential nutrients from six vegetables to their latest products. The Julian’s Recipe Savory Potato Waffles marks the first product launch with the GrandFusion® vegetable blend for the company. The new potato waffle […]