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Can Drinking Soda Really Kill You?

A lot of conflicting studies have been done to ascertain if drinking soda can lead to premature death. Some studies have concluded on the affirmative, while others have refuted the claims. Those on the affirmative say soda consumption is associated with diseases like stroke, cognitive degradation, asthma, and hypertension. Those contradicting say that most of […]


  Just like humans, dogs need food to survive. Thanks to commercially sold dog food, you do not have to look too far or work too hard to get something for your furry friend. But is commercially sold dog food nutritious enough for your dog? Yes, these foods have the needed nutritional balance to keep […]

Despite Targets, Food Manufacturers Fail to Make Healthier Foods

A study investigated how the nutritional value of products from the top 10 global food and drink companies changed in response to voluntary reformulation policies in the United Kingdom. The results suggest that although these targets did not significantly affect products’ nutritional values, a soft drink industry levy was successful in reducing the sugar content […]

Learn About Vitamins and Supplements Driving Beauty Innovation

Interestingly, there is a link between diet and beauty. There has been much research conducted in this area. People now dread illnesses for different reasons. Apart from the overall damage to health, people now fear that illnesses will rub them of their beauty. We live in a society where people shame other people for looks, […]

The Truth About Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is a rich creamy dish that consists of macaroni pasta mixed with a cheese sauce. It is mainly consumed in the United States and Canada. It’s high in calories because it’s made from cheese, pasta, butter, and cream. While calorie content varies depending on the ingredients, brands, and serving size, mac and […]

The Effects of Ultra-Processed Food Consumption

Ultra-processed foods (UPF) are made using multiple techniques. These include pre-frying, hydrogenation, emulsification, extrusion, preservation, and artificial flavors and colors. By using ultra-processing techniques, manufacturers can offer cheap, easy-to-market, long-lasting, and hyper-palatable products. Consumption of ultra-processed food is prevalent across the globe, so are the prevalence of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.  Are Ultra-processed […]

Learn about Essential Vegan Supplements and Vitamins to Include in Your Diet

Vegans no longer eat animal products, such as eggs, meat, dairy, and other foods with an animal source, including honey and gelatin. However, veganism is much more about food choices. If you opt to become a vegan for environmental, ethical, or health reasons, you do not use animal products such as wool, silk, fur, leather, […]

Eating a Healthy Balanced Diet is One of the Most Important Things Students Can Do to Protect their Health

When you ask most people around the world what it takes to be healthy, you’ll probably hear them talking about a healthy balanced diet. But what does that mean? For some people, it might mean avoiding junk food like fries and burgers. For other people, it might mean avoiding sugary foods such as candy and […]

8 Best First Foods for Babies

Your baby is growing up every day. World Health Organization recommend to feed breastmilk for six months, and later introduce family foods. As a mother, you are worried about your baby’s health and want to give him/her proper nutrition, right? Picking healthy food on the first bite is vital since healthy foods play a crucial […]

Learn why natural plant-based vitamins work and why synthetics do not!

There is a trend in taking dietary supplements. People take supplements to make up for the nutrients not gained due to a poor diet or a vegetarian lifestyle. People also take diet pills when they don’t like eating, or they are undergoing a diet.  Dietary supplements are synthetic products that are taken to supplement people’s […]