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The Impact Of COVID-19 on Our Eating Habits

COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives in so many ways that healthy eating habits have fallen by the wayside for a lot of people. Even those who typically focus a great deal on health and nutrition are in many cases paying a little less attention to their diets. We simply have too many other things […]

How to Snack and Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes prevention is something we all should be working for, and your diet plays a huge factor in this. One often overlooked part of the conversation surrounding a healthy diet is snacking. While the obvious answer may seem to be to give up snacks altogether, depriving yourself of your favorite treats may not be the […]

Meat Consumption and the Link to Type 2 Diabetes

Meat. It’s an industry that’s worked overtime to convince you to consume what they’re selling. Think “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner” and “Pork. The Other White Meat.” But study after study slams the salaciousness they’re selling. Meat’s link to disease. A recent Diabetes and Metabolism meta-analysis reported on the findings of almost 30 articles focused […]

The New Decade of Food Trends

Global market research firm Mintel recently released a forecast for food trends in this new decade. This seems to be a crucial decade in which they see consumer tastes for food quickly evolving. The Trend for More Single-Serve Portions Single-serve meals are going to have more demand based on statistics from research firms which say […]

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Update

The spread of the Coronavirus disease is now a worldwide problem. We have had a few queries regarding our ongoing ability to supply and produce. We felt it prudent to update all customers as to its potential impact on NutriFusion and our supply chain. We have had no impact at our manufacturing facility. In fact, […]

6 New Superfoods You’ll See in 2020

Every year a set of new superfoods is touted to be the best. They become the newest stars of the nutrition world, giving consumers that much more nutrition per dollar spent on food. These foods may be the basis for or supplementary to your lifestyle. This new year and decade see great new superfoods or […]

Mighty Gum and NutriFusion® Partner to Create Functional Gum with Vitamins From Fruits

Naples, Florida – January 2020 Mighty Gum is excited to announce its partnership with NutriFusion® to add six essential vitamins from real fruit to their new, Immunity chewing gum product. Mighty Gum has developed a unique chewing gum to help support immune health using ingredients such as organic Reishi Mushrooms, Black Elderberry, organic Ashwagandha, organic […]

Chobani Betting on Plant-Based Dairy Products as Its Next Flagship Product

Chobani, a food manufacturer famous for its Greek yogurt, is set to expand from the yogurt aisle to the plant-based dairy alternatives by betting on oat milk as its next flagship product.  The company is set to launch an oat-based dairy product that includes not only oat milk but also oat-based yogurt on separate dates. […]

Fad Diets and Busy Lifestyles Linked to Nutrient Deficiencies

There are always two sides to every story. While there is an increase in the number of people who adopt healthy lifestyles, there are those that succumb to eating unhealthy foods because of the fast-paced lives that they live. In the United Kingdom, a study published in the Lancet Medical Journal shows that more young […]

Drinking Tart Cherry Juice May Promote Memory and Cognitive Performance

The University of Delaware recently conducted a study that shows a promising link between the prevention of memory loss and boosting cognitive ability with the consumption of tart cherry juice. Boosting cognitive performance and prevention of memory loss should not just be the goal of older adults. And neither should it be a goal solely […]