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Most Demanded Superfoods: Avocado, Turmeric, and Kale

Superfoods are considered nutrient powerhouses that have a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and other compounds that are known to be highly beneficial to the body. Eating superfoods can decrease the risk of diseases, extend life, and improve overall vitality of the body. According to Search Laboratory, there is a growing trend to consume more […]

Mintel’s 2017 Global Food and Drink Industry Trends

Now that 2016 is over, it’s time to look at the food and beverage trends shaping up to make an impact in 2017. Mintel recently announced the top six trends that they believe will see fast growth this year. Check out their predictions below! 1. Traditional Processing While our food today is made using modern processing, many […]

Consumers Opt for Protein Alternatives: Meat Producers Follow the Shift

Major meat producers in North America are now producing plant-based meats as consumers shift to protein alternatives. Tyson Foods followed the change by obtaining a 5% stake in plant-based protein food manufacturer, Beyond Meat. With this trend, other meat packers like Rügenwalder Mühle and Maple Leaf Foods are stepping up their production of plant-based meat […]

Vegetable Powders: A Game Changer in The Healthy Food Movement

The whole food movement has increased people’s consumption of fruits and vegetables. This trend has also led food producers to offer fruit and vegetable powders that are used to flavor and enhance food and beverages. Dehydrated vegetable and fruit powders are more practical than their fresh counterparts for food manufacturing. They have a longer shelf life and […]

Imposing Soda Tax: A Solution for The Ballooning Diabetes and Heart Disease Problems

Global diabetes and heart disease rates have ballooned over the last 25 years. Among the countries that have the highest rate of diabetes and heart diseases, Mexico tops the list according to Dr. Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo. She is a UCSF professor medicine and director of UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations. Another problem in the country is […]

Misleading Labeling Claims Can Land Food Companies in a Lawsuit

In today’s modern society, most consumers are driven to purchase healthy foods. Customers take the time to read and compare food labels to decide which products are right for them. Food producers use labels as a marketing ploy. Food manufacturers love to claim different kinds of health benefits to boost their products’ sales. Unfortunately, many […]

Tyson Meat Company Invests in Plant Protein with Beyond Meat

People are now shying away from eating so much meat. Some nutrition experts believe that eating too much meat can cause serious, long-term health problems. New companies developing plant-based meat alternatives are racing to create the next big product in “meat.” As one of the largest meat processors in the country, Tyson Foods shocked consumers […]

Packaged Facts Reports Stable Growth in the Natural Food Industry

Modern consumers are no longer driven only by the price and taste of food. With most consumers seeking healthy foods, their shopping behaviors have also changed. Today, American consumers consider safety, experience, social impact, transparency, as well as health and wellness when it comes to purchasing food. This is the reason why organic and natural […]

The Clean Label Project: Helping You Understand Your Food Beyond Its Ingredients

Food manufacturing has come a long way. From the simple backyard garden, our grandparents tended before the industrial revolution to the establishment of the first grocery stores during the pre-war times. It is no wonder that the food that we are eating now is very different from what our grandparents ate in their time. Today, […]

Premium Packaging: The New Trend in Private Label

The food manufacturing industry is highly competitive right now, and private label brands are keeping big brands on their toes. Aside from using clean ingredients, another industry trend is premium packaging. Packaging is considered by most the brand and forms the first impression of products at the shelf in stores and online. Private label is adopting […]