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Synthetic Vitamins: Necessary Or Waste Of Time?

Vitamins are taken by millions of people to treat different types of deficiencies. The Australian Medical Association found in a study that seven out of ten Australians take vitamins to fight against nutrient deficiencies. In fact, there are two reasons why people take supplemental multivitamins include overall wellness and to fill in any nutritional gaps. […]

Blast Your Drink, LLC Partners with NutriFusion® to Launch Natural Multivitamin Water Brand

Naples, Florida – March 1, 2017 Blast Your Drink, LLC has announced it is partnering with NutriFusion® to add twelve essential vitamins from twelve fruits and vegetables to their latest products, Fresh Blast and Vita-Dog. Both products are multivitamin water brands intended for the healthy consumer and pet markets. Fresh Blast utilizes dosing cap technology, […]

The Transformative Food Trends of 2017

While we are still in the middle of the first quarter of the year, food analysts have already determined different food trends that will become popular throughout the rest of the year. #1: Perfectly Imperfect Whole Foods People used to be so obsessed with perfection when it comes to their food. They want their carrots […]

Mixed Reality: The Future For Food And Beverage Brands

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been two of the largest trends in technology over the past few years. Companies like Apple, LG, Samsung, and Microsoft are putting significant investments in mixed reality. They are even planning to make this technology available to the masses. However, it is not only tech giants that are looking […]

Study Shows That Consumers Do Not Understand Clean Labels

Clean labels can be defined as an understandable declaration of what is inside the food that we eat. Jargon indicating artificial ingredients like preservatives and synthetic additives are banned from the ingredient list. As much as possible, only natural ingredients are used in making clean label foods. This particular term has been very popular since […]

Shoppers Willing To Spend Extra For Ingredients They Recognize

Most shoppers today are more aware of the food and beverage products they buy. They opt for products made from organic and natural ingredients, and they value the transparency of product labels more than ever before. In a recent survey conducted by Ingredients Communications, it revealed that 52% consumers are willing to spend 10% more on […]

Why Consumers Are Filing Class Action Lawsuits with Food Manufacturers

Today’s consumers are vigilant. In fact, cases that have been filed against the food industry have increased since 2008. The class action lawsuits filed in 2008 went from 19 to 158 in 2015. According to food litigation group Perkins Coie LLP, the food industry has compiled 114 class actions since October last year (2016). Examples […]

Costco Is Focusing on Its Online Store to Improve Revenues

Costco, an iconic membership-only warehouse club, is known for selling products for a lower price through scale. In fact, it is considered the top retailer of organic foods, prime meats, and wine in the world as it has branches in multiple countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. The company […]

PepsiCo Pushed Zero Sugar for Super Bowl

PepsiCo is one of the major sponsors for the Super Bowl and the highlight for this year’s game was its premium bottled water brand called Lifewtr and Pepsi Zero Sugar.  The company announced that it would use the halftime show sponsorship to promote its zero-sugar line of products. But the company did not rely only […]

Private Label Innovation: Connecting To Millennials

Private label brands are manufactured by a particular company under another company’s brands. Over the past few years, private labels have seen a growth in market share. In fact, during the Private Label Manufacturer Association show last year in Chicago, the association indicated that the business continues to grow by 5%. Private labels are available […]