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Taste is Leading Consumer Indicator for Beverages

The rise of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity have created a growing concern for parents and everyone at large to move to beverages that offer more benefits. This migration is what has come to be known as the better-for-you alternatives. It is the direction that the non-alcoholic beverage companies are moving with 90% of […]

FDA Approves Folic Acid Fortification Corn Masa Flour

Folic acid or folate is a type of B vitamin that is needed by pregnant women. It has essential functions in the development of the neural tubes to the brain and spinal cord of the fetus to develop properly. Eating folate-rich food is imperative not only for pregnant women but women in general. Consumption of […]

Bottled Water is Top Beverage Among Generation Z

For more than a few decades, carbonated drinks and sodas have remained as the number one beverage. In fact in 1998, an average American drank 54 gallons of soda and only 30 gallons of water a year. However, the excessive consumption of soda fueled the country’s rising rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes, and as […]

Guilt-Free Products Account for 45% of PepsiCo’s Portfolio

Americans love to eat unhealthy snacks. In fact, the US snack food industry is one of the largest in the world. With many food manufacturers jumping on the health bandwagon, PepsiCo is not an exception. Over the past few years, the company has geared to producing healthier and guilt-free snack products for their health-conscious consumers. […]

Papa John’s Removes High Fructose Corn Syrup from Menu

After decades of being under public scrutiny about serving empty calories to their customers, it is no wonder why many fast food companies have shifted their operations to eliminate unhealthy food ingredients. From McDonald’s kale salad to Chipotle’s sofrito and black bean salad, it seems that fast food restaurants are trying to serve healthier options. The infamous […]

Fast Food Eaters Are Consuming Industrial Chemicals

Do you like eating fast food? If yes, then you might reconsider your habit after reading this article. Several research studies have found out that people who consume fast food all the time have high levels of industrial chemicals in their bodies.   What’s Inside Your Favorite Fast Food? Research indicates that most fast food […]

What’s Next for Probiotics in Sports Nutrition?

There is a high demand for healthy beverages all over the world, which has given rise to probiotics, cold-pressed, organic, and plant-based beverages. This is the reason why food and beverage manufacturers have started developing sports nutrition drinks that are not only natural but also contain probiotic ingredients to attract a new market of health-conscious athletes and individuals. […]

Half of Cropland Acres in the U.S. Were Devoted to GMO Crops in 2012

Farmers in the United States have been using genetically engineered organisms or GMO crops since 1996. These plants are modified so that they can resist pest and tolerate harmful pesticides. Genetically modified seed companies were so successful that 90% of the corn, cotton, soybean, sugar beets and canola are GMO crops. While crops like squash, […]

The Organic & Natural Health Association Scrap Natural Certification

Recently, the Organic and Natural Health Association held its first ever national conference. Among those that attended included thirty-five leaders in the industry of natural products. The CEO of the Association, Karen Howard, as well as former Senator Mark Pryor led the conference discussions on a new certification in the food industry.   The CEO set […]

Trader Joe’s Starting a Price War With Whole Foods

Trader Joe’s is looking to tip the scales according to findings by Deutsche Bank. In a recent price comparison that was conducted by the bank, it was found that Trader Joe’s had a basket of 77 items that were 26% cheaper than their primary competitor Whole Foods. It is expected that the looming war will […]