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Clean Food Labels Are More Important Than Ever

Americans are becoming more cautious about what they eat. According to a recent consumer study, 64% of Americans check the ingredients of food items that they purchase as compared to only 53 percent of Europeans. The research was done by research company GNT Group with noting the study. This is a noticeable increase in […]

Health and Wellness Influencing Food Decisions

Taste, price and convenience are no longer the main factors that help consumers decide which food and beverage to buy. According to a study by Deloitte, Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) called “Capitalizing on the Shifting Consumer Food Value Equation,” about half of the surveyed Americans considered health and wellness, […]

Jelly Beans Remain Unchanged 100 Years Later

Jelly beans, the chewy candy with a hard shell, was once thought to be related to Turkish Delight but eventually food historians agreed that it is an all-American food item created by William Schrafft, a Boston confectioner. While the price of jelly beans has changed from $0.09 a pound to almost $8 a pound, the […]

Hershey Invests in Healthy, Nutritious Snacks in 2016

Just the name Hershey may make you think about something really sweet. Right now you may be thinking of peanut butter cups, chocolate bars, and small kisses candies. But did you know the company is launching their new, healthy and nutritious product line this year? Hershey is now expanding with healthy products that target nutrition savvy […]

Food is not Healthy, it’s Nutritious

Will we be able to eat healthy food? According to Harry Balzer, an NPD Group analyst, “Never, because the moment something becomes popular, someone will find a reason why it’s not healthy.” But what is healthy food really about? We attribute healthy to foods such as kale while we think of a Big Mac as […]

Consumers Want Transparency in Nutrition Labels

Consumer awareness is increasing; they are now making demands that have never been seen in the food and beverage industry. Accessibility to information is driving this move as customers are now aware of how different ingredients affect their health. They are avoiding foods that can cause harm to their bodies as well as the environment. […]

Infographic: Natural Vs. Synthetic Vitamins

Below is an infographic that highlights the significant differences between natural vitamins and nutrients from NutriFusion® and the typical synthetic vitamins made in a lab. Enjoy! The trends in consumer food preferences are all pointing to healthier and more nutritious products. We have all been working to do this over the past fifty years, but […]

Low-Calorie Foods and Drinks Drove Sales From 2009-2013

It seems that people are becoming aware of what they are eating. A recent report by the Hudson Institute, a think tank based in Washington DC, shows that low-calorie foods are driving sales in supermarket chains. The report indicates that between 2009 and 2013, the sales of low-calorie foods grew by 59%. The study described the following […]

Consumers Want Healthy Snacks

Consumers are getting smarter and more health conscious these days especially when it comes to snacks. According to a report from The NPD Group, consumers are eyeing snacks that have perceived health benefits whether it’s salty, sweet, high or low-calorie snacks.  The most common requests are protein, natural and no sugar snacks. Younger Generations Lead […]

FDA Says No More “Unsafe” Trans Fats

In a bid to reduce heart attacks and heart disease among Americans, the U.S. Food safety regulators have decided to ban a primary source of artificial trans fats in processed foods. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) are not “generally recognized as safe” for human consumption. PHOs are an […]