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The Organic & Natural Health Association Scrap Natural Certification

Recently, the Organic and Natural Health Association held its first ever national conference. Among those that attended included thirty-five leaders in the industry of natural products. The CEO of the Association, Karen Howard, as well as former Senator Mark Pryor led the conference discussions on a new certification in the food industry.   The CEO set […]

Trader Joe’s Starting a Price War With Whole Foods

Trader Joe’s is looking to tip the scales according to findings by Deutsche Bank. In a recent price comparison that was conducted by the bank, it was found that Trader Joe’s had a basket of 77 items that were 26% cheaper than their primary competitor Whole Foods. It is expected that the looming war will […]

Unhealthy Additives Are Transforming Gatorade

Consumers are now connecting their health to the food and beverages that they consume. PepsiCo, who owns Gatorade, is facing a backlash regarding the types of unhealthy additives used in making their signature drinks. So what’s inside a 32-oz Gatorade? It contains 54.4 grams of sugar which are more than the recommended daily allowance of […]

World Food Prices Fell to Seven Year Low in January 2016

Since January 2016, world food prices dropped to a seven-year low, going down as much as 1.9% below that of December 2015’s food prices. The Food Price Index was at 150.4 points, 16% lower than the previous year. The FAO Food Prices Index So what is the Food Price Index and why is it important? […]

New Study: Splenda Linked to Cancer

Whether or not sugar can have a substitute has been an often-debated topic. Consumers to reduce chances of sugar related diseases turned towards alternative sweeteners. One such product that was popularized as an alternative is Splenda. Splenda contains sucralose, a sweetener deemed harmless up until now. The Problem with Sucralose The Ramazinni Institute in Italy […]

Fortified Premixes: Fundamental Considerations

Research by the International Food Information Council Foundation on Food and Health revealed that 47% consumers prefer food with added nutrients. Consumers are now more aware of the food they eat. They read labels carefully and are informed enough to know the difference between what’s right for them and what isn’t. The massive demand for […]

The Problem with American Diets: Ultra-Processed Foods

With all the food fads rallying for healthier food, the emphasis on “natural” foods and ingredients is now more important than ever. However, the changing food trends have done little to affect the diet of the average American. 58% of the calorie intake of Americans comes from ultra-processed foods according to a study was featured […]

New Dietary Guidelines Suggest 20% Reduction in Sugar

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced a drastic cut down on sugar. New dietary guidelines suggest a 20% drop in consumption of sugar-based calories. The USDA and HHS added yet another diet restriction to the Dietary Guidelines that are renewed every five years. With an aim […]

4 “Natural” Foods & Beverages With Artificial Ingredients

  Eating healthy requires you to replace a lot of the unhealthy food you’ve been consuming so far with better, healthier alternatives. Organic, healthy and natural food is in vogue among the health conscious. With all the options out there, deciding what’s best for your diet is a matter of a thorough understanding of the […]

Trendsetter Foodies Define Trends Shaping Natural Food

Millennials are now the spotlight in the food industry. Brands and marketers are interested in their thoughts on the ingredients that could become the next big, natural food trend in the industry. While conducting any study or survey regarding food trends, the “Trendsetter Foodie” group is supposed to be the most important as their choices […]