Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Update

The spread of the Coronavirus disease is now a worldwide problem. We have had a few queries regarding our ongoing ability to supply and produce. We felt it prudent to update all customers as to its potential impact on NutriFusion and our supply chain.

  1. We have had no impact at our manufacturing facility. In fact, the area of the plant and state has no cases of the coronavirus.
  2. Additionally, no employee has been infected by the virus.
  3. Nutrifusion uses, almost exclusively, US-grown produce, which mitigates many concerns.
  4. The NutriFusion production plant is a closed facility which further mitigates any concerns.
  5. We import nothing from China, Japan, South Korea, or other Asian countries

For ongoing updates, we recommend visiting the CDC website as per the attached link.

Going Forward:

  1. At this point, we expect no issues, or impact, on any NutriFusion blend.
  2. As best the WHO and CDC knows at this point, untreated the Coronavirus has a 2 day life expectancy on metals and a 9 day life expectancy on plastic and other materials.
  3. If you have ongoing concerns, we suggest you add a cushion in your ordering.

We will continue to monitor our supply chains and will keep you informed if there are any changes.

We wish you good health and safety throughout this trying experience.




William J.H. Grand


NutriFusion LLC