Eye Health 101: Complete Guide To Seeing Clearly And Eating Clean

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Although it is often something that we tend to take for granted, eye health is a major health concern that gets overlooked. Because our eyes are organs, there are certain steps you should take to nourish and protect them. From your nutrition to yearly medical checkups, read below for the complete guide on learning the foundations of eye health and what you can eat to support such an important part of your body.

Foundation of eye health

According to the Southwestern Eye Center, our eyes are made up of over 2 million working parts. That being said, these are complex organs that are influenced by many factors of your daily life. Below are a few best practices to set the foundation for strong eyes now and in the long-term:

Get enough sleep: Our eyes rely on sleep to function, so not getting enough sleep can open the door for infections and uncomfortable conditions like dry eye, twitches, or spasms. Getting the recommended amount of sleep will ensure your eyes are properly lubricated as well as enhancing your mood and focus.

See a professional yearly: It is recommended to receive an annual eye exam to ensure that your vision needs are being met and that any new or underlying eye conditions can be professionally evaluated. Many people will experience vision changes throughout their lives, so yearly examination guarantees up-to-date prescriptions and treatments.

Healthy digital device use: As technology becomes more ingrained into our daily lives, it’s crucial to consider how the light from these screens may be impacting our eyes. Blue light emitted from digital devices can cause digital eye strain and even disrupt your body’s natural sleep cycle. Utilize blue light blocking screen protectors and put your phone down 30 minutes prior to bedtime to help combat some of the negative effects of this type of exposure.

Use quality eye-care products: There are over 12 million people over the age of 40 with vision impairments in the United States alone, so investing in quality eye care products is an important step in preserving your eyesight. Matters like discussing the best contact options available is important in personalizing your eyes’ needs and feeling comfortable considering that not all types of lenses are created equally or with the same material. Certain health conditions or vision impairments will need special recommendations for contacts or glasses wearers alike, so understanding the requirements needed in your vision aid products is crucial.

Nutrition and your eyes

In addition to the previous steps mentioned above to set a strong foundation for your eye care, your diet and nutrition play a key role in how clearly you see. Nutrition helps in 3 key components—prevention, maintenance, and enhancement:

Prevention: Vitamins are an important aspect of any balanced diet, but did you know that certain vitamins actually can help prevent different eye-related conditions? The American Optometric Association states that vitamin C can specifically help to prevent cataract development, which is age-related cloudiness in the lens of the eye. Similarly, studies have shown that Zinc can help prevent age-related macular degeneration. Using quality nutrient blends, like Nutrifusion, can conveniently offer you a plethora of vitamins necessary to safeguard your eyesight and overall health.

 Maintenance: Nutrients like Lutein & Zeaxanthin are important for the maintenance of your vision as they work to maintain the health of your eye cells. These nutrients can be found in leafy greens and eggs. Additionally, a consistent source of vitamin A helps our eyes translate the images we perceive.

Enhancement: Specific foods are known to improve your vision, so incorporating them into your daily meals is an easy form of eye health self-care. The omega-3 fatty acids from fish, vitamin E properties in nuts, and vitamin C in citrus fruits can all help boost your vision.


Practicing proactive eye health measures and fueling your body with the necessary vitamins and foods to protect your eyes can ensure you’ll both see and feel brighter. Eyesight is something that is hard to regain once lost, so prioritize your vision today and take the first steps in protecting this important sense.


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