How Is Human Immunity Related To What We Eat?

How Is Human Immunity Related To What We Eat?

What a person eats primarily affects his or her microbiome. The microbiome is microorganisms that live in the gut. The gut mucosa produces immunoglobulins that neutralize viruses and bacteria that enter the body. Accordingly, the health of the mucosa, on which 70% of the immune system depends, is affected by our microbiota. And what we eat affects the microbiota. If you turn this whole chain the other way around, it turns out that everything we eat directly affects our immunity.

So, in order to improve our immunity, we need to create the best possible conditions for our microbiota to live and grow and suppress pathogenic microflora.

What Foods Should Be Excluded From The Diet?

First of all, sugar, all refined products such as flour and white rice, as well as industrial oils. The fact is that sugar and flour promote the development of pathogenic microflora, which imbalances the microbiota, respectively reducing immunity. In addition, we usually eat sugar, not in its pure form, but as part of various dishes, whether they are candies, cakes, or sauces. It can irritate the intestinal mucosa. Hence, it will produce fewer immunoglobulins. Industrial oils contribute to internal inflammatory processes. You should also exclude alcohol. It loads the liver, which throws all its forces to neutralize alcohol and its removal from the body instead of performing its natural functions. Therefore, it is better to refuse a glass of wine in the evening during a period of reduced immunity.


What Should The Diet Be Like?

The key to a healthy microbiota and high immunity is a varied diet rich in fiber, proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates. Such a diet will supply the body with all the necessary nutrients, necessary for the proper course of biochemical and physiological processes.

  • It is necessary to make sure that the plate always contains:
  • protein: meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, vegetable proteins (beans, chickpeas, and others);
  • fiber, which is primarily found in vegetables, greens, and fruits – in cooked and raw form;
  • fats: nuts, oils, avocados, and others;
  • complex carbohydrates to maintain blood sugar – cereals and grains.
  • don’t forget your drinking regimen: it’s about pure water.


And improvise! It is very important to eat a variety of foods. You should choose different vegetables, sources of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Focus on seasonal foods, so you’ll keep up with our biological seasonal rhythms. Also add fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, and other fermented vegetables, homemade yogurt, and kombucha to your diet to boost your immune system.

Is Natural Sugar Contained In Honey, Natural Syrups, And Dried Fruit Useful?

In moderate amounts, honey and natural syrups (e.g., topinambur or agave) will not cause much harm to a healthy person – if, of course, you eat them as a dessert and not replace your main meals with them. But they are of little use.


Dried fruit is a very healthy product, but only if prepared according to traditional recipes and dried in natural conditions. Dried fruits of industrial production, unfortunately, are often treated with glucose syrup. This makes them prettier and sweeter in taste. They are also treated to prevent the formation of mold and fungi. This antibiotic, when eaten, can also damage our microbiota.

Should We Eliminate Meat?

There is no scientific evidence that radical avoidance of meat can boost the immune system and make the body healthier. It’s true that for some people, switching to an exclusively plant-based diet is successful – due to genetics, lifestyle, and other reasons – but it’s not suitable for everyone. It is very important for people to get enough protein. To exclude meat is to expose your body to a deficiency, which leads to a decrease in immunity.

Garlic, Honey, Turmeric – A Cure-all?

There is no panacea for all diseases. People often give some products mystical properties: garlic, turmeric, maca powder, broccoli. But this only works on a psychological level: it seems to people that they are protected. But if without changing anything in your lifestyle (eating unbalanced food) and not following the regime of the day, you suddenly start to eat huge amounts of garlic and turmeric, then it will not help you in any way. These foods work only as a good supplement to all of the above. Only in the overall picture of a proper diet they can support your body. Also, some people (e.g., those with an imbalanced microbiota, where the growth of bacteria in the small intestine is increased) are advised to avoid garlic altogether.

Is It Worth Giving Up Coffee?

Coffee is a controversial product. Scientists talk about its benefits and harms. Coffee in large quantities is harmful to the body. It irritates the intestinal walls and so on. But if you drink it in moderation, then for a healthy person eliminating coffee from the diet will not play a big role. In addition, in times of crisis and in difficult situations, the rejection of something not very harmful, but familiar, will turn into great stress for the body and, as a consequence, again a decrease in immunity. If you think that coffee somehow negatively affects your health, exclude it for a while and observe how it will affect you.

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