Just Mayo Struggles with Nutrient Content Claims

In August 2015, Hampton Creek was delivered a warning letter by the Food and Drug Administration for multiple inaccurate claims by its brand, Just Mayo. Just Mayo has been in the news over the past 2 years for developing a revolutionary food product and causing a lot of controversy in the process.


Mayo vs. Mayonnaise

Last year, Just Mayo faced a lawsuit from Unilever, parent company of Hellman’s mayonnaise, for fraud of not meeting F.D.A. regulations for mayonnaise. Unilever would later drop the suit, but the F.D.A. picked up where they left off with a warning letter to Hampton Creek. The F.D.A. claims that Just Mayo products purport to be standardized food mayonnaise due to the use of misleading imagery and name on the label.

Hampton Creek has fired back on the mayo warnings with the following:

“While there is a food standard of identity for “mayonnaise,” there is no current standard for “mayo.” Hampton Creek does not use the term “mayonnaise” on any of its products or any of its marketing materials … If FDA had intended to cover products that use the term “mayo” in its standard for mayonnaise, it could have done so, yet it did not.”

We will wait and see how this plays out, but they must also improve and change their nutrient content claims.

Nutrient Content Claims

On top of the mayonnaise madness, Just Mayo was asked to correct two other nutrient content claims. They do not meet the standards for “cholesterol-free” and a heart health claim on their website. Hampton Creek could face huge consumer lawsuits with these unauthorized health claims. KIND saw aggressive consumer lawsuits after a similar warning letter from the F.D.A. earlier this year. It’s important to verify and confirm any nutrient content claims that your brand is making on its label. If you are not, it could cost your brand millions of dollars in lawsuits in the future.

NutriFusion® to the Rescue

Most of the companies like KIND and Hampton Creek are trying to create innovative food products that are healthy but appeal to our current eating habits. We applaud them for advancing the food industry and running with the trends in healthy eating. We are here to help you make important health claims with your food products going forward. Our fruit and vegetable blends are revolutionizing processed food products because of their micronutrient and phytonutrient stabilization. Our products give you the ability to make claims like “50% of your daily value in 6 different vitamins, equivalent to 2 servings of fruits and vegetables, etc.” We use organic, non-GMO produce in our products to meet the highest standards of health conscious consumers. Contact us today for more information on our blends and how we can help you create healthier, better for you food products.

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