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NutriFusion Rolls Out New Innovations at IFT 2018

NutriFusion will be attending this year’s IFT 2018 show in Chicago, Illinois at McCormick Place during July 15 – July 18, 2018. The team at NutriFusion has been hard at work since last year’s show in Las Vegas to unleash new product and company innovations to better meet the needs of customers in the packaged food and beverage industry.

new standard blends nutrifusion innovations IFT 2018Updated Standard GrandFusion Blends

NutriFusion had to make update the ingredients (fruits and vegetables) in the standard GrandFusion blends to keep prices the same and still deliver the same quality product that customers expect. New ingredients include avocado, banana, cantaloupe, maitake mushroom, and more!

New Nutrition Facts Label Compliant Blends

NutriFusion has now officially launched the 2016 FSMA compliant blends to conform with new vitamin and mineral standards established with the new FDA nutrition facts label.

Complete Carbon 14 Testing

NutriFusion listened and answered customer demands for carbon 14 testing. The company completed the testing on all products, demonstrating the natural aspects of GrandFusion blends.

SQF certified innovation manufacturing food ingredients fruit vegetable powders vitamins minerals

New Manufacturing Facility

Another huge advancement for the company was the opening of a new state of the art manufacturing facility with SQF/FSI certification in the United States.

Plant-Based Minerals

NutriFusion’s R&D made a major breakthrough in 2018 with the development and stabilization of plant-based minerals. NutriFusion now offers the plant-based minerals in the NF-2371 blend and other custom blends.

EU standards nutrients standards vitamins mineralsNew Products to Meet EU Standards to Launch in 2019

As NutriFusion has grown into a global provider of nutrient dense, fruit & vegetable powders, the company has to conform with nutritional standards around the world. The company will launch a suite of products to conform with EU Standard in 2019.