A Few Healthy Tips into Your Family’s Life


To keep your family healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking the necessary precautions is crucial. First, eating healthy and exercising should become regular activities. Second, family talks should be a constant thing. If your physical and mental health is in good shape, your family will grow healthy together.

Since everything sounds better in theory than it is in practice, you might have doubts about your abilities to keep your family healthy. Most good-looking, healthy families eat kale for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and run ultramarathons. You might not have the time or energy to do this. If that’s the case, don’t freak out. You’ve got to start somewhere. For now, all you need to do is follow these next tips.

Get outside and spend time together

The best option to stay in shape and spend time together is to get outside. This could be tricky if you live in an urban area – but even so, organizing an adventure day should be a top priority for you. You could hike or visit new places around the city. You could go rock-climbing or scuba diving! In the summer, you could spend time at the beach, touched by the ocean breeze and enchanted by the hot rays of sunshine.

Whichever activity you pick, make sure your family spends time outside. In this modern era where technology takes over everything, spending off-screen time is vital. And I say ‘vital’ because it literally brings you back to life. So, let go of your worries and technology gadgets and spend time in nature with your family. This is the number one habit you could create.

Shut off your phone

Your phone is an efficient tool. However, overdosing on social media can be harmful to yourself and the entire family. Set up a no-phone zone in the house or no-phone Sundays when everyone’s present and no one’s checking their phones. Teach your kids not to text or film during that time nor use the phone for anything else. Come up with a schedule that works for everyone in the family.

You could also ask them not to use their phones during dinner or while having breakfast. Being present in what you do is important. It highlights mindfulness and helps everyone connected. If you’re on your phone 24/7, how can you even notice what’s around you? Don’t make no-phone zones or times a burden. Make them fun and exciting!

Make meal prep a fun activity

Cooking is a great time to connect with your loved ones. Cooking healthy food is even more convenient. Have the entire family participate in this activity and bring something unique to it. If you teach your kids to be part of the meal prepping process, they’ll appreciate the food even more. You could start by taking your whole family on a trip to the grocery store; make sure you’re buying lots of fruit and veggies. Ask them what they’d like to eat for the next week and make sure that you’re turning their favorite dishes into healthy meals (yes, you can do that!)

Organize and plan accordingly

Making sure that these activities become routine is important. Once you develop a strategy to improve the health of your family, your next step is turning this process into a regular habit. Help them understand the pros of choosing a healthy lifestyle. Sit down with the kids and explain why this is important. Be open to answering any questions they might have.

Next, put it down in your calendar. Write down when and how you’ll be carrying these activities out. Find a time that works for everybody (hint: Sundays are usually the best choice). Healthy people form healthy habits and respect healthy rules. So, don’t hesitate to do that.

More healthy snacks

Let’s be honest: everyone likes a good snack. Instead of choosing high-sugar low-protein food to snack on, teach your family how to snack healthily. Replace the jello and chips with hummus and carrots or with almonds and bananas. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should no longer allow unhealthy foods in your home. Taking this option away forever might cause your kids to sneaky snack (I just made that up. But it’s a thing). They’ll buy unhealthy snacks, hide them, and secretly snack when no one sees them. This is not healthy either.

Try to keep a balance. Let them have unhealthy snacks once or twice per week but keep the meals healthy. If they want chocolate fudge brownie ice-cream for dessert, allow them to have that. Make sure you’re open enough to understand their demands and work out something that works for everyone.

Keep exercising fun

If you’re dragging your family to the gym or out jogging, they’ll probably end up hating these activities. So, keep working out fun. Organize hiking trips to new places or plan out high-intensity training intervals for the entire family. Organize contests and give out prizes, if that’s what keeps them going. Once they create this habit, they’ll work out on their own. The first three or four months are the most important.

Family talks and conversations

The last but not least thing to developing a healthier life is promoting open conversations. So many times, families forget how crucial this aspect is. Family talks are important since they increase trust between family members and show kids that you are supportive of their actions. You must be interested in your kids’ mental health. You must ask them questions about their well-being. You must open conversations about their activities. You must not criticize. You must not judge. You must listen and help as you can, if you can.

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