Effective Packaging Design Is Key To A Successful Start-Up Brand

In today’s social media-driven world, the competition of food and beverage brands can be tough. No longer should companies settle on traditional commercials on TV, print ads, and radio. Brands are now placing importance on effective communication through design.

Packaging design is an important element in getting a particular brand into people’s minds and hearts. An effective packaging design can catch the attention of the consumers encouraging them to engage and buy new products.

Why Is Effective Packaging Design Beneficial?

Packaging design is beneficial for start-up companies, and they don’t need to enlist the help of a million-dollar advertising firm to get their message across their clients. Never underestimate the power of an effective packaging design because coupled with social media advertising, it can catch the attention of people from around the globe.

Startup companies who wish to make their brand well-known should seek the help of an active brand designer. Startups need to communicate with the brand designer to incorporate the potential of the product in the branding and also make it appealing to its intended target market. Knowing the target market is crucial in designing the packaging that will conform to the preferences of the targeted consumers.

For instance, the company Bear produces kid’s snacks, and it went to great lengths to create an effective packaging design while incorporating collectible cards and codes to make it look fun for children. By the end of 2015, the company became the largest children’s fruit snack company in the United Kingdom.


Adding Personality Is Important In Packaging

Every brand needs to show people the company’s unique personality. It is important to take note that packaging is the unspoken way of making introductions. A package design that is unpretentious is considered more appealing for everyone. In most cases, using humor and wit is very useful in branding, which can be evident in the logo, type of fonts used and other elements used in the brand. It is important to take note that none of this wit and humor will be useful if the product isn’t also good. Simply put, effective branding should conform to the quality of the product being represented by the packaging.

Effective branding due to package design always works best if the product is made out of passion. If a product is conceived out of passion, everyone–the creator, brand designer, and consumers–will all believe in the product that is being promoted. Without passion, startup companies find it hard to sell their products even if the packaging designs are appealing.

The success of a startup relies so much on the brand designer and how he or she can turn words and visions into reality–a real brand. A brand designer does not only understand the market, but they also know the product and the company. With an effective packaging design, everything is balanced.

Inspired by www.foodbev.com