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Why is Everyone Trying the Whole30 Diet?

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With the start of the year, people are making resolutions on how to stay fit for the entire year. The drive to lose weight at the beginning of the year is usually followed by an increase in sales of healthy foods. One specific company reaping the benefits is Applegate.

Recently, Applegate announced that it would go into a licensing partnership with Whole30 – a type of diet regimen that encourages people to consume only whole food ingredients minus other types of food categories for 30 days. This program is a spinoff to the Paleo Diet and was created by Melissa Hartwig. Touted for its anti-inflammatory benefits, the Whole30 diet became an instant hit among many people who want to lose weight and also correct some of their health problems.

Why Experts Don’t Like the Whole 30 Diet

But while there is a considerable number of followers of the Whole30 Diet, many dieticians are less enthusiastic about it. In fact, it was ranked as 37 out of the 40 diets list in the US News and World Report citing that this particular diet has no independent research, extremely restrictive, and has nonsensical claims. Many health professionals are concerned about the restrictive characteristics of the diet wherein grains, legumes, and dairy are not allowed on this particular diet considering that they are essential to healthy weight loss. Moreover, dieticians also claim that because of the restrictive characteristics of this specific diet regimen, it does not teach good eating habits to people.

Still, Whole30 Diet Remains Popular Today


And while many experts are rejecting the Whole30 Diet, this type of rejection is helping boost the popularity of the diet. Thrive Market co-founder, Gunnar Lovelace noted that they partnered with Whole30 because people do not trust where their food comes from anymore. This diet gives certainty, and that makes it appealing to people. With this particular diet regimen, it guides the dieters by creating boundaries that make eating a simpler and straight-forward task.

Many people all over the world have made positive claims about the diet saying that they felt a lot of improvement after following the diet. These include weight loss, stable blood sugar, and blood pressure levels. The Whole30 Diet for many is a way of life as it taught them how to eat mindfully without the need to restrict calories.

The thing is that there are so many diet regimens out there that people can try but what makes the Whole30 Diet very receptive to many dieters out there is that it offers them something novel and innovative that people have never experienced with other diet programs before. While some diets focus on caloric restriction, this diet focuses on the nutrition of the consumers. Fortunately for the Whole30 Diet, many people are savvier about their food choices, and they opt for nutrition first before calories. After all, calories are just calories, but nutrition determines the quality of food that you are eating. And that removes the great confusion in dieting!

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