New Study: Mice Lost Weight and Lowered Cholesterol with Fiber Supplement

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The Holy Grail drug to effective weight loss has yet to be discovered. But recently, a new study conducted by the researchers from the Georgia State University might change the way we will deal with weight loss. The secret? The fermentable fiber inulin.

What did the Study Analyze?

To conduct the study, the researchers fed mice with a supplement containing inulin and observed the progress. After a few weeks, those that consumed the inulin supplements showed reduced metabolic syndrome even when fed with a high-fat diet. Those that were fed with the fiber had decreased weight gain, better cholesterol levels, and a limited spike in their blood sugar levels.

But aside from inulin, there are still other compounds in fiber-rich foods that make them good for the overall gut health. For instance, resistant starch called amylose is found in fiber and has the ability to protect against genetic damage that can lead to colon cancer. It can also help fight against Type 2 diabetes.

A multitude of studies have underestimated the role of dietary fibers in weight loss. But only recently did scientists find out that dietary fibers play a role in the growth of good bacteria in the gut or colon. Studies show that those who consume a high-fiber diet are able to balance their blood sugar level, lower cholesterol levels, lower the risk of heart problems, and have better digestion than those who consume high protein-rich foods.

The role of fiber in maintaining good health has always been touted by many health experts.  But it is only recently that most consumers have started to eat more fiber. In fact, market research indicated that 87% of the consumers consider it to be healthy and 60% of the respondents actively seek products containing more fiber.

Fiber is Growing as an Important Health Claim


Food and beverage manufacturers have quickly responded to the demands of the consumer for more products that contain high amounts of fiber. Currently, products like Fiber One ice cream and Activia yogurt contain high amounts of fibers. Other beverage companies have also followed suit and started adding soluble fiber into their beverages.

Aside from the food industry, the trend has also reached government institutions. This is the reason why the US Food and Drug Administration is thinking of releasing a new Nutrition Facts label about putting the measurements of dietary fiber on food products. Unfortunately, the institute has not yet fully defined what counts as dietary fiber.

It is interesting to take note that fiber-rich foods are not only popular among older consumers but also the millennial generation. Younger consumers particularly millennials are consuming high-fiber products because of their touted health benefits. This opened opportunities for companies whose target markets are the millennials and younger consumers to produce products that are rich in fiber.  These include Dannon, General Mills, and Tale & Lyle.

The thing is that consumption of soluble fiber has been found to be very effective in improving not only the weight loss capacity of individuals but also their overall health. Fiber is gaining traction because consumers are getting more conscious about their food choices.

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