Being a student and a vegan can be quite a challenge. You will try to cope with the stress of classes, assignments, and studying for exams. On the other hand, you maintain a restrictive lifestyle that involves abstaining from eating animal-based food and being cautious about your food selection. As such, you will have to put in the effort to successfully eat a plant-based diet in college. Lucky for you, this article has all the answers, so keep reading!

Access to a Fridge and a Storage Space

A refrigerator allows you to store perishable foods you buy from a restaurant, store, or prepare at home. On the other hand, a storage space lets you keep items that do not require cooling. Hence, you may reach out and grab any of these items when you need to eat. In general, your ability to access food without needing to leave your room goes a long way in staying vegan. Therefore, when looking for accommodation as a student, opt for apartments or rooms that have a refrigerator and kitchen cabinets to store all your goods.

Find a Local Vegan Place

If you prefer to eat out, you will want to find local vegan places around you. That can require a bit of research. You can find many vegan apps, which may help you find the best meals in your area. Some applications you may explore include:

  • Fitt;
  • Yelp;
  • Vegaholic;
  • Veggie Pass.

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Experiment with Different Foods

For some vegans, the lack of variety can be a big challenge for their lifestyle. You may prevent this problem by experimenting with different plants, fruits, and vegetables. Doing this is a fun way of finding what works for you and what does not. If you are lucky, you may create a wonderful combination you can share with your vegetarian friends or community.

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Purchase Vegan Snacks

While studying or working on a project, you may need to snack in between work. Therefore, you should buy some plant-based snacks to munch on. There are many vegan protein bars on the market. Alternatively, you may opt for food items, such as

dried fruits, dates, veggie chips, and rice cakes.

Always have Vegetables and Fruits

You cannot live a plant-based lifestyle without vegetables and fruits. Therefore, you will always want these goodies at your disposal. You can store them in a fridge to extend their lifespans. In the morning, you can use fruits to complement your breakfast.

Whenever you buy or cook food, you can add spices and sauces to improve the taste of your meal. Alternatively, you can order take-out when you are swamped with assignments. Doing this will save you a lot of time. Buying academic articles and term papers can also save you time and energy. As such, the Best Essays Education is one of the top platforms to purchase education writings from. Plus, this platform has skilled experts in every academic field.


Leading a plant-based lifestyle while in college can be challenging. However, it can be perfectly manageable if you follow our tips. The information we highlighted in this article will help you find access to vegetarian food when you need it. Eat delicious and nutritious plant-based meals and you will be a happy and healthy student!

About the Author

Donald Fomby is an article writer and a nutritionist. As such, he writes articles on a wide range of food and health-related niches. However, Donald predominately writes helpful articles for college students.



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