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Low-Calorie Foods and Drinks Drove Sales From 2009-2013

It seems that people are becoming aware of what they are eating. A recent report by the Hudson Institute, a think tank based in Washington DC, shows that low-calorie foods are driving sales in supermarket chains. The report indicates that between 2009 and 2013, the sales of low-calorie foods grew by 59%. The study described the following products as low-calorie foods; fruits and vegetables, pasta, milk, snacks, cereal, and packaged meals. The study used the criteria laid out by the Nutrition Coordinating Center to classify low and high-calorie foods.

Consciousness Rising Amongst Consumers

With the rate of obesity increasing in some states, the news that people are now conscious of what they are eating is a positive development. The news may spell doom to companies who produce high-calorie food, especially soft drinks, and candy companies. Packaged food companies will have to evolve to meet the demand of the new healthy consumer. A ninety-six percent rise in the availability of low calories foods and drinks is an indication of growing health consciousness.potato chips - nutrifusion

Despite the rise in calorie consciousness, Americans are still categorized as the unhealthiest snackers, a study found that out that while other parts of the world prefer fresh fruits, yogurt, and chocolate as their number one snack, Americans are still stuck to their potato chips. Potato chips are categorized as a high-calorie food. With the rise of the calorie consciousness, this trend is predicted to change, perhaps in the future, we will see more people ditching potato chips for low-calorie foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Low-Calorie Foods are Just the Beginning of Healthy Eating

With the industries spearheading the move to “better-for-you” products, the journey to healthy eating has already started, more and more adults will switch to low-calorie foods, reducing the demand for high-calorie foods. Companies stuck in the production of high-calorie foods will be in trouble going forward and will rely on young, uneducated consumers to move their products. Adults, who are more threatened by lifestyle diseases, will opt for the low-calorie foods given the benefits they drive in building a healthier body. 

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NutriFusion® is the Leader in Fresh, Low-Calorie Nutrition

So, how do you start reinventing your products to meet the growing demand for low-calorie, “better-for-you” foods? For packaged food companies, it all begins with the ingredients. Forever, we have been unable to add a significant amount of fruits and vegetables to our products, because of the nutrient degradation experienced during processing. Well, that has officially changed with NutriFusion. We developed a patented method for stabilizing the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables. Our stabilization has a two-year shelf life and can withstand the extreme heating and cooling of modern day food processing. If you are interested in learning more about how our process and products, please visit the consumer packaged foods page below.