With time, consumer habits and decision-making continue to transform. It’s an inescapable reality, but one that can be exceptionally exciting as it paves the way for new industry ideas and fresh routes to engage target audiences. Trends show that consumers are increasingly interested in healthy living which, in addition to a focus on sustainability, includes nutrition. Brands have become aware of this interest and have flooded the market with products, leaving customers overwhelmed by so many options, not to mention by the messaging that floats in and out to sway brand purchasing.

With this, food companies are equally overwhelmed. What products should they look to incorporate in order to satisfy the desires of the modern consumer, products that align with their commitment to an overall healthy lifestyle and enhance foods so that eating (or drinking, for that matter) healthy is a natural extension?

The answer rings loud and clear: NutriFusion.

Give people what they want…and need.

Growing up, many children were chided by their parents for not eating their fruits and vegetables so they can grow up to be healthy and strong. Never were truer words spoken. Meet NutriFusion, an industry advocate of healthy eating that separates fact and fiction in the often muddled world of nutrition. The blends that the company creates are not simply food additives; rather, they source fruits and vegetables to create a rich addition of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in whole foods and concentrate them, allowing them to be easily integrated into a variety of food products.

Why should today’s food companies care about NutriFusion?

Boost Nutrition with Ease: The sourcing of fruits and vegetables to pull those invaluable nutrients is what makes NutriFusion’s concentrated powder blends so powerful, resulting in a seamless addition to various foods. Uncomplicated, food companies can easily leverage the blends to amplify nutritional value, and they can feel satisfied in knowing that not only are they creating foods that are appealing but also nutrient-packed as well.

Be “Clean Label”: With the increased interest in healthy living, consumers are savvy when it comes to what to embrace and what to avoid in terms of ingredients (if you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it). NutriFusion’s blends fall in line with clean label trends by using those rich nutrients pulled from fruits and vegetables and completely avoiding synthetic ingredients, additives, etc. Food companies can feel good about this transparency for their customers.

Taste Uncompromised: Let’s not kid ourselves – we want things to taste good (or tolerable, at the very least), which can be a struggle when incorporating nutritional enhancements. However, NutriFusion’s fruit and vegetable-sourced powder blends do not compromise on taste or texture and are nearly undetectable when added. Healthy eating and flavor are no longer at odds, which is of great benefit to food companies.

Know Your Audience: As mentioned, today’s consumer is much more in tune with healthy living and understands the incredibly significant role that nutrition plays. As the interest continues to grow, food companies must learn to adapt, and this is where NutriFusion’s blends come into play. With fruits and vegetables as the base and free of synthetic ingredients, these blends support the modern consumer in staying true to their respective diets, as well as help promote better health and stave off conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Enjoy Everything: Or almost everything! NutriFusion’s blends can be infused into a variety of different types of food products, not to mention beverages, nutraceuticals and those for man’s best friend. This is music to the ears of many food companies as there is a great deal of opportunity to integrate the company’s fruit and vegetable-sourced, concentrated powder blends into a larger variety of foods, all the while elevating nutritional profiles. This vast array of products also allows food companies to reach more audiences, which in turn generates more business.

Ease of Use: In the pursuit of good nutrition, it’s easy to get bogged down with intense processes and requirements that strip the joy out of making exciting dietary life changes. NutriFusion and its various unique blends take the frustration out of the equation as they don’t require any kind of reformulation for current customer products. No fuss, no muss.

Settle for nothing but the best.

As we know, there are many voices – some large, some small – in the vast ecosystem of the food industry, which can often make it difficult to identify the right partners to reach customers effectively – especially the ones that truly align with the consumer-first, full-transparency, ethics-only approaches these companies hold true. Frustration undoubtedly ensues.

NutriFusion is the partner you can count on, not just due to its unique blends that are rich in nutrients and seamless to incorporate, but also because the company is a vocal advocate about the importance of developing healthy living habits and enabling food companies to share that dedication with their customers. NutriFusion actively engages in research and development to ensure they are on the cutting edge of developments in nutrition, which helps to influence product development. They share new knowledge with their partners, who can then feel confident in knowing that NutriFusion has their best interests, as well as those of their customers, at heart.