PepsiCo Pushed Zero Sugar for Super Bowl

PepsiCo is one of the major sponsors for the Super Bowl and the highlight for this year’s game was its premium bottled water brand called Lifewtr and Pepsi Zero Sugar.  The company announced that it would use the halftime show sponsorship to promote its zero-sugar line of products. But the company did not rely only on its healthy drink, but it also enlisted the help of Lady Gaga.

While PepsiCo is no longer new when it comes to halftime sponsorship during the Super Bowl, what makes this year’s sponsorship unique is that it ditched its traditional soda and pushed for something healthy with its zero-calorie and zero-sugar Lifewtr. But what drove the company to stay off course from tradition?

Super Bowl Showcases PepsiCo’s Brand to Millions

The company’s decision was geared towards the increasing number of Super Bowl fans who are also health advocates. Chief Marketing Officer Seth Kaufman noted that the firm was happy to feature its zero-calorie products on such a unique sporting event. He also indicated that the corporation is actively transforming its products so that they can meet the needs of every consumer following different lifestyles.

It may be surprising to some consumers to know that PepsiCo is now producing premium bottled water. This new product is the result of the company’s aim to catch up on the premium bottled water trend led by Coca Cola’s SmartWater. While the company is still earning profits from its traditional full-calorie drinks, they are still losing revenue as more and more consumers are becoming health-conscious. It is not only PepsiCo that is suffering from sales of traditional soda brands.

Soda Giants Adapting to Meet New Consumer Needs

One of the reasons that have likely resulted in the decline of the sales of the company is the shift by consumers to buying healthier options.  In fact, the company has lost a significant bulk of its millennial consumers who now prefer drinks with little sugar and calories.  PepsiCo used the Super Bowl opportunity to get more attention from people all over the world

The company is designing its drinks to provide more benefits to consumers. The Lifewtr, for instance, is not just premium bottled water but it is concocted with balanced electrolytes and pH level to provide more hydration. But aside from the premium bottled water, the company has also rebranded its product as part of their healthy drinks lineup. They recently rebranded Pepsi Max as Pepsi Zero Sugar.

So, was the decision to push a healthy Super Bowl efficient for PepsiCo? For now, it is hard to tell.

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