synthetic vitamins not as good as food based vitamins

Synthetic Vitamins: Necessary Or Waste Of Time?

Vitamins are taken by millions of people to treat different types of deficiencies. The Australian Medical Association found in a study that seven out of ten Australians take vitamins to fight against nutrient deficiencies. In fact, there are two reasons why people take supplemental multivitamins include overall wellness and to fill in any nutritional gaps. While there is a universal belief that vitamins and supplements are necessary, some experts disagree.

Synthetic Vitamins Found Not Necessary

One of the believers that intake of vitamins is a waste of time and money is the Adjunct Associate Professor Ken Harvey from Monash University. He noted that there is too little evidence that multivitamins are effective in treating deficiencies. He also added that if there is one thing that benefits from vitamins and supplements, it is the companies that manufacture them. The vitamin and supplement industry is a billion-dollar industry, and people seem to patronize them because they market health and wellness.

The thing is that the vitamin and supplement industry make huge profits from people, but there are no scientific studies that can prove the benefits of taking in vitamins and supplements. Sadly, you are pissing your money down the drain.

No Better Than Placebo Pills

There have been multiple studies that showcased vitamins are no better than placebo pills. But while many experts now agree that vitamins are not effective, intake of high doses can also cause harm.

There is such a thing as vitamin overdose. If you take too much of one supplement, it can offset how others work or interact with your body.  Several studies have noted that vitamins do not mix well. Perhaps what makes synthetic vitamins dangerous is that they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration unlike other types of medications. This makes them subject to abuse and overuse.

Food Against Nutrient Deficiency

GrandFusion+Fiber 12 vitamins from 12 fruits and vegetablesSo, if multivitamins are not useful, how can we prevent a nutrient deficiency? The answer lies in eating the right kinds of food. But if healthy food is accessible, then why are there so many people who suffer from nutrient deficiency? Unfortunately, many people have unhealthy diets even though they can easily get healthy foods. As a result, they turn to supplemental multivitamins.

Vitamin supplementation plays a vital role among Australian adults. In fact, 52% of adults rely on supplements. This 52% of the population are the ones who do not meet the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. NutriFusion developed the GrandFusion vitamin blends to help food companies add back the food based nutrition to a variety of products that we already eat. NutriFusion is launching a new product to market for end consumers that utilize the GrandFusion 12 fruit and vegetable blend to deliver 50% daily value of 12 vitamins. Visit the website to learn more:

If you follow a varied diet and are eating fruits and vegetables, then you should get all the vitamins from your food. The benefit of taking food to combat nutrient gap is that there is no overdosing from eating foods. Moreover, the food that you eat is processed by the body using natural pathways. Thus, every bit of the nutrients are accounted for and does not react with other nutrients in the body.

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