natural vs. synthetic vitamins

Infographic: Natural Vs. Synthetic Vitamins

Below is an infographic that highlights the significant differences between natural vitamins and nutrients from NutriFusion® and the typical synthetic vitamins made in a lab. Enjoy!

Infographic: Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins |NutriFusion

The trends in consumer food preferences are all pointing to healthier and more nutritious products. We have all been working to do this over the past fifty years, but we have faced grand challenges when delivering nutrients from natural sources in processed foods. We decided enough was enough, so we developed our patented process for stabilizing the vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables. NutriFusion® is a leading food ingredient technology for food companies looking to deliver natural vitamins and nutrients in their packaged food products. We help you use simpler ingredients and create a “clean label” for your consumers. If you are interested in learning more about NutriFusion® for your processed foods, beverages, or supplements, please click below.