Tyson’s Top Food Trends to Watch in 2019

Tyson Foods is predicting trends that they believe will dominate the consumer market and mold tastes for the entire year of 2019. This list includes transparency in food, personalized experiences to shape both beauty and health, smart technology and food, self-expression through the foods we consume, a higher intake of protein, and finally a merging of global cuisines from the comfort of home.

As the largest food company in the U.S. Tyson Foods takes full responsibility to push the market into a good position. They understand their ability to bring about new changes and trends in the way that people eat food.

Health Craze

Part of personalized experience would be foods with the intent to assist with different health issues. While previously this entailed having to take supplements, people are beginning to instead eat with specific purposes in mind to become healthier.

Consumers have also been very conscious of how much protein they will intake. Plant-based proteins have been all the craze and companies have been popping up to meet the ever-growing demand for clean proteins. Investors are also looking to buy into more startups geared towards this new plant-based mindset.

Sustainability and Traceability in Top Food Trends for 2019

Consumers in 2019 are concerned about knowing exactly how their food gets onto their shelves. This includes the process of production, as well as how it gets grown. With improved barcodes, consumers can more easily trace back where their foods came from. This is something Tyson Foods fully embraces and has been very open about their products.

Major retailer, Walmart will soon begin to require its produce suppliers to have full traceability on all products to follow the food from farm to home. This change is set to be complete by September of 2019. This technology is still relatively new but has the purpose of giving consumers full knowledge of their products as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Food has become a form of self-expression with the younger generation. This has turned food into both an art form as well as a way to express yourself. People are always looking for new companies they can buy into and feel proud to support. These can include companies who stress the importance of sustainability as well as food waste.

Global Cuisines

Millennials are all for trying foods from around the world. These often stand out, and they are more likely to try out restaurants with unique and exciting meals, other than options more customary to American culture.

With a technology-driven world, it is only reasonable that even food is affected by it. From transparency to sustainability, and new alternatives, companies are finding new ways to adopt practices for the production of food products, that will both cater towards the consumer desires, as well push for a greener, and healthier way of living, while still staying true to the passion for unique and flavorful meals.

Inspired by www.fooddive.com

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