When people think of wellness, it’s often thought of in terms of physical health. However, it encompasses so much more. Wellness consists of eight dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, and environmental. It’s important to give attention to all dimensions as they work hand-in-hand with promoting a positive outlook in life. Not all dimensions require equal attention, but neglect of one over time will negatively affect others, resulting in a decrease in one’s wellbeing.

Creating and promoting balance in our lives is an important aspect of wellness. Having a balanced life means we try to do the things we love that make us feel happy. This can be a variety of things, whether it’s spending time with friends and family, relaxing, or being physically active. Since everyone has different needs, balance can look different depending on the individual. The goal isn’t working toward perfection. Simple changes in your life can have a great impact on how you feel and function. Below are a few ways you can promote wellness in all aspects of your life.

Exercise Daily

Exercising can have a high impact on your life, increasing your physical and mental health. Regular exercise can improve your quality of life, so it’s important to set up a custom plan that’s right for you.

Working out daily can help you:

  • Improve self-esteem
  • Decrease depression and anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Maintain a healthy weight

The more physically active you are, the better your blood flows throughout your body, ultimately increasing your oxygen levels and making you feel more energetic. Doing too much too fast can be overwhelming and lead to burnout. Start small, increase your goals over time, and do what’s best for you. A 30-minute daily walk can make all the difference. Other forms of physical activity include running or jogging, yoga, swimming, and dancing. Something as simple as taking your dog for a walk can get your body moving, as we know pets can improve your health. No matter how you fit exercise into your day, it’s important for your wellbeing to get up and get moving.

Find a Hobby

A hobby can be any activity that’s done regularly during leisure time and is a great way to unwind from your daily routine. Whether it’s learning a new skill, being active outside, or reading, having a creative outlet that you find meaningful is what truly matters. Studies have shown that hobbies have the ability to decrease stress and depression and provide you with a more positive outlook on life. Along with improving your mental health, hobbies can provide additional benefits in many different ways. Being physically active can improve brain function and physical fitness. Hobbies that require coordination like drawing will tune-up motor skills, while learning a language and reading can help improve your memory.

If you don’t have a hobby in mind, you have plenty of options to choose from. Try testing out a new recipe or attending a cooking class. Not only do these hobbies involve tasty food, but they require you to stay focused and take your mind off of unwanted thoughts. Cooking can release stress, and provide a sense of accomplishment, as well as nutritious food can lead to incredible health power. Another hobby you can test out is learning a musical instrument. Having a creative outlet where you can release your emotions will have a powerful impact on your mind and body. If you’re looking for a hobby that’s not indoors, try taking up hiking. Get outside and explore nearby state and county parks for a mood booster.

Organize Your Finances

Having financial wellness is an important part of your wellbeing journey. People who struggle with their finances tend to live in fear of losing their homes, have poor diets, and experience feelings of shame. Having a grip on your finances can help you feel more secure and set you up for achieving your goals.

Steps to improve your financial wellness include:

  1. List out your financial goals
  2. Organize your accounts
  3. Develop a budget
  4. Manage your debts
  5. Save for the future

Tracking your monthly expenses can give you an insight into your current financial situation and how you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly. If you’re looking for ways to escape debt and start building your wealth, there are plenty of opportunities available. According to Forbes, 49% of Americans say inflation is causing them to save less for unplanned expenses. A major step in your financial journey is to look for ways to decrease any unnecessary expenses. Try negotiating bills like car insurance or your phone bill. If you’re a homeowner, look into a home equity line of credit loan, which allows you to take out the equity from your home and use it toward other living expenses. Credit card points are also a simple way to use cashback toward expenses. No matter where you are in your financial journey, it’s always best to take a step back and acknowledge where your current standing is.

Focus on Your Relationships

Socialization is great for your mind and body. By nature, we’re social creatures who tend to do best in a community where we can interact with others. People who spend a significant time alone may have an increased risk of depression and anxiety. Being social helps strengthen memory and cognitive skills and may even increase your lifespan. In-person socialization is ideal, but connecting through technology also helps. No matter how busy your week is, make an effort to include friends and family time into your schedule.

Benefits of socialization include:

  • Improves mental health – it can lift your spirits and increase your mood ● Lowers your risk of dementia – social interactions help with brain health ● Promotes a sense of security – social interactions provide a sense of belonging


Focusing on your health and wellbeing is essential for a healthy, happy life. Everyone’s life journey takes a different path, so it’s important to focus on your individual needs and wants. Each aspect of wellness can affect a person’s life, so tending to your wellbeing can help improve your quality of life.


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