What’s Next for Probiotics in Sports Nutrition?

There is a high demand for healthy beverages all over the world, which has given rise to probiotics, cold-pressed, organic, and plant-based beverages. This is the reason why food and beverage manufacturers have started developing sports nutrition drinks that are not only natural but also contain probiotic ingredients to attract a new market of health-conscious athletes and individuals.

Defining Probiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for the digestive system. In fact, we naturally have probiotics inside us.  The gut is where millions of bacteria live and if the population of your gut microflora is made up of good bacteria, you reap the benefits by having proper digestion as well as a healthy well-being.

So why should you drink probiotics if you already have them inside your body? Unfortunately, abusive lifestyles such as being stressed and eating processed foods can affect the number of good bacteria in your body. Moreover, if you have been taking antibiotics, your good bacteria are also eradicated as antibiotics are not selective when it comes to killing bacteria in the body. Adding probiotics to your diet is an excellent way to replace the population of good bacteria in your body.

Adding Probiotics in Sports Nutrition

Probiotics are already found in many fermented products that we consume. These include sauerkraut, vinegar, kimchi, yogurt, and many others. But many market innovators want to add probiotics to boost foods that do not traditionally contain them.

The use of probiotics as a primary ingredient in sports nutrition is becoming a popular trend and is expected to reach a global market value of $46.55 billion in the next four years.  For instance, companies like Ingredion, GoodBelly, and NextFoods Inc. are aiming to tap into the sports drink market by improving their product using probiotics. Soon, many companies will also join this trend and will create probiotic product lines that are not only limited to beverages but also protein bars and snacks.

The Rising Demand of Probiotics

In a recent survey conducted by Ganeden, it was noted that 70% of the consumers are open to consuming probiotics in food instead of supplements. The respondents also mentioned that they are willing to pay more for healthy foods especially those containing probiotics.

More and more people are becoming health conscious. They are aware and picky when it comes to what they are eating. People are now interested in looking for food that can give them more health benefits. The increasing demand for healthy and functional foods is the reason why food and beverage manufacturers are developing ways to incorporate probiotics into their products.

For now, probiotics are seen primarily as a potential ingredient for sports drinks, but manufacturers are innovating for the future use of probiotics in fruit beverages, baking mixes, granola bars and much more. It is forecasted that probiotics are set to make appearances in different types of products not only in sports nutrition but also in functional day to day products.

Inspired by fooddive.com