New Ingredients Will Grow Sports Nutrition Market by 8% until 2020

With more people involved in sports to promote healthy living, the consumption of sports nutrition products is also increasing.  Sports nutrition products include food, drinks, and supplements. Most of these products contain new ingredients that are geared to boost the performance. These products include ingredients like beta-alanine, creatine, caffeine, nitrous oxide, and androstenedione that are supposed to improve the power and strength of the consumer.

The Statistics of the Global Sports Nutrition Market

The global sports nutrition market is steadily growing at 8% according to the research of Technavio– a leading research and advisory company in the world.  The research group looked into the growth and projection of the sports nutrition market from 2016 to 2020 based on the generated sales and revenue of businesses. In the study, people from North America are the highest consumers of sports nutrition products pegged at 41.69% followed by those from Europe (25.64%), Asia Pacific (19.68%) and the rest of the world (12.99%).

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The North American sports nutrition market is valued at $11.04 billion in 2015 while Europe’s market is at $6.79 billion in the same year. The sale of the products in Asia Pacific is at $5.21 billion. There are many reasons why there is a rise in the demand for sports nutrition products, but one thing is for sure—more people are aware of the health benefits of losing weight and living active lifestyles.

Implications of The Market Rise and Popularity

Many manufacturers are now expanding their market reach by continuously improving their products and creating less complicated nutrition formulations that are compatible with different types of people. Another trend is to produce products that are targeted to a particular market. In fact, there is a rise in female-focused sports nutrition products that cater to active women.

With the increasing market for sports nutrition products, new regulations have been created to improve the distribution and legitimacy of the products. The new rules are a result of some manufacturers distributing products that may not be effective in boosting the performance of the athlete.

New Ingredients in Sports Nutrition Products

new ingredients sports nutritionOn the other hand, new ingredients have been eyed by manufacturers in making new lines of sports nutrition products. For instance, the use of probiotics as one of the main ingredients is an emerging trend. Probiotics contain live gut-friendly bacteria that can increase the absorption of nutrients and also provide a better immune system.

Other research companies are looking into other innovative ingredients such as collagen, Vitamin D, L-carnitine, and glycerol to create a product that can help consumers recover, replenish, as well as refuel after an exhausting exercise regimen. While many researchers are looking into different ingredients in creating sports nutrition products, the main highlight is on using organic, GMO-free, raw, and chemical-free ingredients to create new and better products that provide better nutrition to consumers who want to live healthy lives.

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