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Why is the Keto Diet Taking Over the Country?

There always seems to be a trendy diet that seems to be defying the logic of so many other diet and healthy eating plans. Ketogenics or the keto diet may be the craziest of them all, but it is taking over like wildfire. The new diet wants fewer carbohydrates and focuses on healthy fats like avocado and cheese. Who doesn’t love cheese and avocado? The diet is built on the idea that without the carbs, the body burns fat through a process called ketosis.

Ketosis and the Keto Diet

There are fortunately a few studies to back up this theory of ketosis and the reason for the keto diet. One study looked at 83 overweight subjects throughout a 24 week period, and they found significant weight loss as well as lower cholesterol while on the keto diet. The experts are recommended to consult a physician before going on the keto diet as it is very different and may not work for some people.

Keto Requires Commitment

The keto diet is not for everyone. It requires strong dedication and commitment to see results. While the diet does not ban carbs, you can eat very few. You have to eat mainly avocados, cheese, walnuts, almonds, and grass-fed beef. Now that’s an expensive diet!


Avocados prices have surged as demand is increased, but supply cannot keep up. Almonds are in the same boat, and grass-fed beef has always been priced at a premium. However, this is not slowing people down from trying the diet. Some companies are even trying to cater to this diet. Ancient Nutrition, for example, invested $103 million in growing its product line to meet the market’s needs.

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