America’s Snacking Habits Continue to Grow

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Snacking is a favorite American activity, but many today are willing to sacrifice some things to get their snack products. Moonstruck Chocolate Co. contracted OnePoll to conduct a poll and found out some interesting facts:

  • Americans spend about $9 a week for snacking habits, spending an average of about $479 annually, and a lifetime total of more than $28,000 throughout their lives for snacks.
  • About 18% of Americans would stop using their mobile or electronic gadgets for a month for a chance at getting a lifetime snack supply.
  • One-sixth of all Americans would have their heads completely shaved to have that snack supply.

Examining Favorite Snacks, Snack Combinations, and Food Preferences

The OnePoll research also focused on all portions of the market and industry facts for Moonstruck. The details found were:

  • Around 37% of poll respondents wanted to snack on sweet items.
  • 34% of these same respondents preferred their snacks salty.
  • All respondent snackers had a common ground in potato chips.
  • 84% of salty snackers preferred potato chips as a staple.
  • 80% of sweet snackers preferred chips as stable snacks.

Here are further facts:

  • The snackers all voted for having chocolate combined with snack goodies.
  • Many were willing to experiment with unique, non-traditional taste and ingredient combinations, pizza and chocolate, like an apple pie with cheddar, and strawberries paired with balsamic vinegar.
  • 40% preferred pairing chocolate with caramel.
  • 39% preferred having nuts combined with chocolate.

Most preferred general pairings of non-snack foods, in order of preference, included:

  • Eggs with bacon at a whopping 58%
  • Potatoes with steak
  • Dip with chips
  • Syrup and pancakes
  • Cheese with wine

What Other Food Companies or Researchers Found?

  1. Campbell

One company has found substantial evidence of how Americans are more dedicated to their snacking. The Campbell Soup Co. reports in the Wall Street Journal that in the last quarter of 2019, their sales reflected more of their snack products sold than their flagship food brands.

Soup sales declined 3% in the first quarter of 2019, as its snack products increased sales by 2% from the previous year. Campbell is currently planning to capitalize on  American snacking habits while bolstering its traditional soup products with more investments.

  1. Innova

The competition is ramping up for the American snacking dollar. This is based on the findings of the research firm Innova Market Insights. They report that Americans have developed the habit of snacking all day at any given hour. Other interesting facts from Innova:

  • A lot more consumers prefer quicker bites than traditional meals.
  • 37% of consumers prefer salty snacks during the evening.
  • 46% want their salty snacks in the afternoon.
  • 17% replaced their dinner with salty snacks.
  • 23% ate said snacks for lunch.
  • 8% want these snacks instead of breakfast foods.

The Word is Out on American Snacking Habits

What all the facts enumerated in this article simply mean that snacks are either getting tastier, are more nutritious, can replace meals or a combination of all three factors. Major studies must be conducted to determine whether the poll and research results referenced are right, but most other signs support them.

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