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Mintel: 5 Tea Trends to Watch in 2019

Today’s consumers no longer fancy the traditional bland cup of tea. They are now always on the hunt for new and innovative teas. They are hoping to find flavors and benefits that are, new and genuine experiences. Check out Mintel’s top 5 tea trends to watch in 2019.

Daring Tastes

Green Hills Rum and Honey Flavoured Herbal Tea: This brand of uniquely flavored teas are perfect for consumers hoping to stray away from sweet drinks, or even alcoholic ones! This tea suits the global trend of moving towards an overall healthier way of living. You can still enjoy a lovely and refreshing beverage while also feeling good about doing so. This tea—though labeled rum—is created with a blend of apple, cinnamon, and licorice.

Green Power

Pompadour Veggie Mix Infusión de Verduras Relax: This Spanish tea was created with the plant-based consumer in mind. Vegans and vegetarians are pleased with the green power of this tea. The flavorful tea was created through an infusion of tomato, apple, basil, cinnamon, and other vegetables in order to suffice the pallets of health-conscious consumers.


Fabindia Organics Organic India Certified Organic Tulsi Honey Chamomile Tea: This Indian tea is made with ingredients known to have the ability to relax even the most stressed. Made from Tulsi, and chamomile, this tea has its roots in Indian Medicine. This is the perfect tea to indulge in when you are looking to wind down and relax. The brand is innovative in the way that it educates consumers about age-old Indian teas.


Lipton Daily Boost Green Tea with Ginger, Lemon Verbena and Turmeric: This German tea has the goal in mind to push consumers into a strengthened state. This tea is created using natural ingredients and nutrients known to have many health benefits for people who drink it. This tea is perfect for anyone looking to switch up their traditional tea and experience a healthier, tastier alternative.

Health Crazed Tea Trends

Cofco Chinatea Pro Tea: This Malaysian tea is concerned with more than just your taste buds. This tea promotes a healthier gut with its probiotics. CCP tea can hold up in even the hottest of temperatures which are something normally uncommon for probiotics. This is the perfect tea for anyone looking to find a drink to help manage their weight.

Long gone are the days of having a boring old cup of tea. With these new 5 tea trends in mind, you will be opened up to a brand-new world. Teas are different everywhere you go in the world, but the refreshing feeling after taking a sip will always be the same. Whatever your needs may be, from relaxation to just a tasty beverage, these teas will have you covered!

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