Do Natural Ingredients Make Sodas Healthier?

Mintel recently published a new research report, Carbonated Soft Drinks: Spotlight on Natural/Craft US 2015 report. The report revealed an interesting statistic: 57% of Americans believe that sodas made with natural ingredients are healthier than those made with artificial ingredients. The natural and craft soda market is growing rapidly as a “better-for-you” alternative to current soft drink offerings.

Natural Ingredients and Sweeteners are Key to Growth

Natural Vitamins and Minerals

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame have faced a high level of scrutiny by the research community. Natural sweeteners are seen as a better alternative and a key to growth for the natural and craft soda market. An important stat from the report was that 34% of consumers who currently consume craft and natural sodas are interested in seeing sodas with added benefits like protein, vitamins, and minerals.

“The definition of health is changing from desiring low/no-fat and -sugar, to ‘real’ or unadulterated ingredients. Natural and craft brands tend to feature ingredients in more natural forms, to position products as a better-for-you option,” said Elizabeth Sisel, Beverage Analyst at Mintel.

“While the carbonated soft drink category is facing consumer perception challenges, opportunities exist to strengthen brand trust, authenticity and experience through trending natural and craft segments. However, natural and craft manufacturers are tasked with justifying higher prices and increasing familiarity through better exposure. The predominant negative attributes of craft soda could be curbed in time as more products enter the market and pricing evens out,” concluded Sisel.


NutriFusion® for Natural and Craft Sodas

Natural Ingredients from Fruits & Vegetables

As the report pointed out, consumers are more and more interested in products with natural ingredients over artificial ingredients. We can help you solve this problem while adding those valuable health benefits that consumers are also demanding. Our products come from organic, non-GMO produce and can easily be mixed into beverages, drinks, and sodas. NutriFusion® enables your brand to make claims like: “Rich in Antioxidants” or “Provides nutrients from two servings of fruits and vegetables.” These kinds of claims are important messages to consumers and can help you justify higher prices for natural and craft sodas. Contact NutriFusion® for more information about our natural ingredient mixes for your beverages and drinks.

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