Natural Ingredients Driving Innovation for Energy Drink Brands

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Food Business News recently published a story on how energy drink brands are developing new energy drinks with natural and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Even as bottled water has taken over as the nation’s leading beverage, there are still people who prefer a drink with a little taste and energy. However, they are paying closer attention to ingredients and as a result, energy drink brands are having to find ways to create clean label products.

Energy Drink Brands Look to Natural Herbs

Companies are finding natural ingredients with energy-related properties in natural herbs. A great example is FutureCeuticals’ organic Coffeeberry brand. The ingredient contains whole coffee cherries and no chemical solvents. Another growing company is HiBall Energy, and they use guarana and ginseng to enhance the energy experience of their beverages.

Mintel pointed out earlier this year that green tea is one of the ingredients on the rise in energy drink brands. A number of companies have taken notes and as a result, seen growth over the past few years.

Shift in Target Market Fueling New Growth

The millennial market is maturing and moving out of college into the real world. They are learning the hard lessons of the real world and need a pick me up! Natural energy drinks are perfect for their needs and wants. Energy drink brands need to focus on bold and edgy flavors to compete with teas and flavored waters as the beverage market heats up.

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