Energy Drink Industry Reached Record Global Sales in 2015

Energy drinks are all the rage these days. People are fascinated with the idea that a drink will give them enough energy for all their daily activities. But how is the energy drink industry faring these days? In the study conducted by research firm, Mintel, it revealed that the number of energy drinks launched in 2015 surpassed the previous highest number recorded in 2008. Between 2010 and 2015, the numbers of energy drinks have grown by 29%. The key country leading the industry is Germany which had the highest share of new energy drinks at 9% launched in 2015.

However, it is not just the new products that are booming. The sales volume of traditional energy drinks rose by 10% globally which is translated to around 8.8 billion liters. The top markets for energy drinks regarding volume sales include U.S. (at 3.3 billion liters), China (at 1.4 billion liters), UK (at 561 million liters), Thailand (at 465 million liters), and Vietnam (at 351 million liters).

The Popularity of Energy Drinks

So why is there such a massive increase in the sales of energy drinks? Mintel’s Global Food and Drink Analyst Alex Beckett noted that while there is a huge controversy surrounding energy drinks, it remains successful because of its promise to deliver a quick energy boost to consumers. And this is something that resonates with consumers all over the world.


Moreover, major brands are devoted to investing in advertising as well as creating high profile initiatives to give energy drinks an exciting image. To make the products more appealing, Mintel noticed that many brands are now introducing organic claims to promote their products for people who are on a clean eating lifestyle.

In fact, 7% of the energy drinks that have been launched in 2015 have an organic claim. This is 3% higher compared to the products launched in 2011.  The products that have been launched with organic claims are 58% greater in Europe than anywhere else in the world with North America (39%) and Latin America (3%) trailing behind.


All-Organic Claims

The study confirmed that 26% of the consumers in the US are more comfortable drinking energy drinks that are made from natural ingredients while those in Europe opt for products that contain natural flavors and colorings. This trend is also observed among Chinese consumers where 40% are motivated to buy products that are made from natural ingredients.

The most important target market for energy drinks is young parents who are very self-conscious of the types of drinks they consume. The Mintel research reveals that these kinds of parents are also responsible for motivating their children to drink energy drinks.

This trend indicates that the energy drink sector is trying its best to appeal to a wider range of audiences. It also implies pressure on the rest of the energy drink manufacturers to formulate a new line of drinks that come with better and healthier ingredients.

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