Parkinson’s Disease Risk Reduced in Coffee Drinkers

Do you know that a cup of coffee each day could keep Parkinson’s Disease away? According to a recent study, coffee consumers are less susceptible in developing Parkinson’s Disease compared to non-coffee drinkers.

Dr. Filipe Brogueira Rodrigues of the Instituto de Medicina Molecular in Lisbon, the study author revealed a reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s by almost one third or precisely by 31 percent.  According to a systematic review of 37 studies gathered all over the world, it is confirmed that men and women equally benefit from the effects of caffeine. A possible explanation for this effect is that caffeine interacts with the neurotransmitter adenosine and may also have neuroprotective effects on specific areas of the brain, which play an important role in the development of Parkinson’s Disease.  The study was tested on live animals but results are unconfirmed in human test subjects.

Other Studies with Supporting Evidence for Coffee

Other studies have proven that people who drink coffee are also less likely to have depression, type 2 diabetes, liver cirrhosis, Alzheimer’s, and liver cancer. Researchers are still unsure as to what links all these disorders, but one factor that they consider is cell degeneration. Professor Kailash Bhatia from the Institute of Neurology, UCL – London, and Chairman of the EAN Subspecialty Committee on Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders, supports the study. He believes that the results of the study show the  positive relationship between coffee consumption and Parkinson’s Disease. The results confirm that exposure to caffeine is associated with a reduced risk of Parkinson’s. He suggests that a better understanding of the potential environmental factors that can increase or decrease the risk of developing Parkinson’s is also important in this study.  Bhatia suggests that future studies should be done to understand the mechanisms of the protective effect of caffeine.

The study by Rodrigues did not cite the number of cups of coffee or the amount of beverage that should be consumed in order to gain the positive effects of caffeine. It is also unclear as to how long caffeine should be taken to reap its effects. Would you start drinking coffee for its protective effects? It’s not too late to start!


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