Millennial Dads Spend Most Time Shopping for Groceries

Fifty years ago, women did the shopping while men worked or relaxed at home. However, the trend of consumer shopping has considerably changed over the years, thanks to technology and the shift in society. In the study conducted by Ibotta, a top mobile shopping app, it indicated that there is a significant increase in the number of fathers doing grocery shopping. Since 2013, the buying behavior of 90,000 parents was analyzed in a study. It revealed that there is a 62% increase in grocery purchases made by millennial dads.  This means that fathers between the age of 18 and 24 tend to shop for groceries 25% more than baby boomer parents.


Purchase Trends

While alcohol is still on top of the shopping list of many dads, the study found that purchase of alcoholic beverages is indirectly proportional to the number of kids they have. This means that the purchase of alcohol decreases as the family has more children. The study also indicated that dads buy more alcohol if they have two children (at least one and a half times more) compared to men who are not yet fathers. The data is a little confusing, but it shows us that purchasing behavior is not one size fits all.

Dads are also 2.5x more likely to purchase cereals, soda, and snacks than men without children. They also tend to buy more cameras than non-dads for the purpose of documenting their children and growing family. They are also highly likely to buy things that can increase their family’s well-being. For instance, they are 4x more prone to buying supplements for improving their health. They are also keen on purchasing products that enhance their appearance such as hair regrowth products and anti-aging creams.

The study also noted the differences in shopping behaviors between dads and moms. Compared to mothers, fathers are 11x more likely to buy beer for themselves (Who would have known?). They also tend to buy more protein products and nutrition bars for themselves.


Millennial Dads Leading Shopping…What Does it Mean?

The shopping trips among moms slightly increased, but grocery purchases are down to 2.4% for three years. Surprisingly, more fathers make more trips to the grocery stores every month, and their general shopping trip was more than 10% compared to the previous years.  So what does this indicate? It means that many millennial dads play bigger and more proactive roles at home by shouldering more of the domestic responsibilities such as grocery shopping for the entire household. Gone are the days when dads leave the shopping to women.

Bijal Shah, VP of Analytics and Data Products for Ibotta, noted that there is a generational shift from old fathers who embraced traditional roles against younger dads who are savvy with technology, use e-commerce, and who are now becoming more active within the family life. The use of e-commerce can prove to be very beneficial for millennial dads as well as dads from the older generation as it provides them more opportunities to shop even within the comforts of their home.

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