Recent Studies Point to 28 Disturbing Facts About Drinking Soda

It is a well-known fact, now, that soda may taste good—but it does not contain any health benefit at all. After all the research linking soda to health issues, here are some of the compiled facts that are very disturbing to know—especially at some point in our life we have gulped that drink.

  1. As fast as two weeks, soda can have adverse effects on health by increasing your cardiovascular disease risk.

  2. Laden with sugar, just a 20-ounce soda contains 16 tablespoons or 1 cup of sugar in it. Think of your venti sized coffee cup filled with a cup of sugar.

  3. Can speed up the beginning of menses in pre-puberty girls by as much as 3-months earlier than those who do not have a drink of soda a day.

  4. It can lead to cognitive decline, as shown by a study where two or more sugary drink consumption was connected to lower brain volume and a bad memory.

  5. May diminish lifespan as shown by the American Heart Association statistics that reported 180,000 deaths linked to sugary drinks.

  6. The tendency to have gout is increased wherein men who consume as much as six soda servings weekly increase their risk by 85%.

  7. Increases your appetite.

  8. Increases your visceral fat—the fat that surrounds your organs.

  9. Triggers unhealthy eating with poor choices like ice cream cookies and other nutrient-poor options.

  10. Weakens your muscles since drinking few liters of soda a day affects potassium levels that can lead to reduced muscle functioning.

  11. Packs a lot of calories—we all know this already!

  12. Makes YOU fatter because of all the empty calories and high sugar count.

  13. It makes your heart unhealthy because of increasing your triglyceride levels in the blood.

  14. It can cause childhood obesity, especially when sweetened fruit juices and soda are freely accessible to them.

  15. Its caloric count is high, a measly 12-oz can of soda packs 140 calories, and if you drink three glasses, that’s equal to a meal already in terms of calories!

  16. The citric acid in soda can erode and decay teeth enamel.

  17. Greater incidence of high blood pressure is seen in people who drink soda or sugary drinks.

  18. Drinking soda is associated with lowered fertility, as seen in a study of 5,000 couples.

  19. It contains toxic chemicals like 4-MEI, which may increase your risk of cancer.

  20. Promotes belly fat by as much as 3-inches than those who don’t consume sodas at all.

  21. With its high sugar content, diabetes is not far off in your future.

  22. Sugar dependency is a possibility due to the emotional response that sugar can give.

  23. Unhealthy to your kidneys and continued consumption may reduce your kidney function.

  24. May hasten aging like wrinkles and breakouts.

  25. The risk of pancreatic cancer is increased due to its high sugar levels.

  26. Bad cholesterol is increased, which is another factor for heart diseases.

  27. Those who drink at least two sodas a day are twice likely to have lung problems.

  28. Weakens bones.