The Clean Label Project: Helping You Understand Your Food Beyond Its Ingredients

Food manufacturing has come a long way. From the simple backyard garden, our grandparents tended before the industrial revolution to the establishment of the first grocery stores during the pre-war times. It is no wonder that the food that we are eating now is very different from what our grandparents ate in their time. Today, food is not as authentic and filled with harmful substances like antibiotics, BPA, and arsenic.

The Clean Label Project was established to understand better all of the ingredients found in the food we are eating. Led by Doug Porter, this non-profit organization aims to test different food items for the presence of harmful substances in the hopes of providing cleaner food supply to consumers.

What Is the Clean Label Project?

clean label projectFounded two years ago, the Clean Label Project is a non-profit group that is concerned about the purity and safety of today’s food. It is led by people from all walks of life, but most of them have a background in the food industry. The group aims to answer questions related to the origin of our foods and increase the transparency of food issues such as GMO labeling, revamping the nutrition facts, and implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act.

The group has analyzed baby food since it was founded and looked at the ingredients as well as the composition of the products. They also examined the normal levels of substances found in food so that they can develop an algorithm that will help food manufacturers know the appropriate amount of elements that they can use. It is their mission to create a society where people are not worried about what’s inside their food.

How Do Toxic Substances Get into Our Food?

With the high demand of consumers for clean food, food manufacturers should improve their products by providing traceability for their customers. Another mystery that The Clean Label Project wants to solve is how the harmful substances find their way into the food that we eat.

There are many ways food can be contaminated by harmful substances. The industrialization of agriculture may contaminate crops and produce with pesticides and fertilizers. On the other hand, other ways that foods may have contaminated may come during the processing, packing, and transportation of the food.

Pinpointing where these harmful substances come from can help food manufacturers take steps in improving their processes to solve the problem down the line completely.

Transforming The Concept of Clean Labeling

clean label projectClean labeling is not just about knowing the types of ingredients used in making a particular food product. It also knows where your food comes from and how it is made with the Clean Label Project, the non-profit organization aims to transform how people look at the concept of clean labeling.

Using clean labeling does not only reflect the quality of food that manufacturers make, but it also reflects their sincerity in helping consumers attain good health through the foods that they eat.

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