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Daymon Report: Private Label Brands Are Booming

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Daymon, global consumer retail, and private label brand agency, recently published its first Private Brand Intelligence Report. In the report, Daymon analyzes how retail brands and private label brands are competing based on proprietary survey data, category research, and expert insights.

Significant Findings in the Private Brand Daymon Report

Daymon’s analysis found some interesting insights for private label brands and some dangerous ones for national brands. The agency found that 81% of shoppers buy private label brands on every or almost every shopping trip. 85% of consumers in the study indicated that they trust store brands as much as their national counterparts. On top of these shopper stats, private label brand sales are up 4% over national brands in the past 12 months.

Daymon CEO, Jim Holbrook, believes that this is a “renaissance period” for store brands. He attributes this growth in private label to the way retailers are creating one-of-a-kind brands that national competitors are even having a time emulating. Grocery discounters like Aldi and Lidl are causing turmoil for traditional retailers because of their low cost, organic private label brands. The report concludes that the majority of shoppers (60%) want retailers to create more private brands in the fresh products category. Consumers can expect retailers to listen and start competing more aggressively in this category over the next 36 months.

Private Label is Disrupting Retail in a Big Way


The Private Label Manufacturer’s Association reports that store brands make up 17% of all grocery sales with a market size of $150 billion. Retailers like Aldi and Target have changed the way consumers think about private label. They now often recognize these store brands with quality and trust. National products are finding it tougher and tougher to compete with lower cost alternatives that are built on transparency and trust.

However, the private label market is facing some inside challenges. Brandless, San Francisco-based e-commerce startup, offers 115 “brandless” private label brands for the same price. For only $36, consumers can get free shipping all year on all orders.

As private label gets more competitive, it’s imperative for retailers to get savvy and compete even more. Simple ingredients and clean label products will be a win-win for store brands. Download our GrandFusion R&D Resource Kit to learn more about how our products can help you stand out from the crowd.