Premium Packaging: The New Trend in Private Label

The food manufacturing industry is highly competitive right now, and private label brands are keeping big brands on their toes. Aside from using clean ingredients, another industry trend is premium packaging.

Packaging is considered by most the brand and forms the first impression of products at the shelf in stores and online. Private label is adopting premium packaging to increase the perceived quality of their products and increase brand loyalty.

What Is Premium Packaging?

Big retailers are relying on cutting-edge packaging to enhance their brands. Premium packaging is all about improving the presentation of the product to make it distinguishable from competitors. It reinforces the identity of the brand, thereby making the products more appealing to the consumers. But it is important to take note that premium packaging is not only about using heavy-duty and expensive materials, but it also considers convenience and sustainability.

The Elements of Premium Packaging

Creating premium packaging can be a challenging task. Companies need to consider many things in the design of the packaging to sell their product, identity, and brand. Certain things should be taken into consideration when creating premium packaging, and these include the following:

  1. technical design innovation
  2. the durability of packaging
  3. convenience
  4. consumer health and wellness
  5. eco-friendly materials

For instance, thinking about the use of eco-friendly materials is necessary for creating premium packaging since so many people are now conscious of the green movement. Today, many manufacturers look into the sustainability of their packaging as they aim to produce less waste.

Convenience is also another factor especially if the product is designed for a particular target market. For instance, products that are created for the elderly should be convenient enough so that they can open the packaging without the help of others.

The Benefits of Premium Packaging in Private Label

The idea of presenting a product or brand as “luxurious” depends on the type of packaging used. People opt for luxury products to maintain a certain social standard. But more than social standards, luxury packaging can also improve the consumer experience. Private label companies are interested in premium packaging for this primary reason. They are already beating competitors on price, but they want to compete on experience now.

For instance, when the first microwavable meals became popular, demand increased because of the attractiveness of quick meals. Today, microwavable meals are no longer attractive and are commonplace. The use of ceramic pots to contain microwavable meals are used to create a better eating experience.

It is inevitable for companies to change their product packaging. It is one of the marketing strategies that companies should do to ensure success. With the constant evolution of product packaging, it will continue to push private label manufacturers to innovate and stand out from the crowd.

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