Functional Beverages Will Be More Personalized in 2019

Many consumers these days are becoming wiser as they prefer to consume foods that are adding value to their health. This is the top reason why functional beverages are growing in popularity. Functional beverages are loved by consumers because they are not only delicious, but they are also healthy for the body.

Functional beverages contain vegetables, fruits, and herbs thus they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. But more than the usual vitamins and minerals, many brands and companies are also incorporating other beneficial ingredients to help consumers achieve their health goals. For instance, some functional beverages contain CoQ10 and melatonin to promote better heart health, cognitive function, sleep, energy, etc. But aside from these, it is essential to know about the upcoming trends of functional beverages for 2019.

Coffee And More

Coffee, being the most popular beverage in the world next to water, will embrace different formats for the coming year. While coffee is already considered a healthy drink, many beverage manufacturers will fortify coffee to meet the health goals of different individuals. One can expect to find coffee enriched with so many ingredients such as MCT oil, adaptogens, and CBD oil.

Colorful Functional Beverages

One of the top trends for functional beverages in 2019 is to make them more vivid. But food manufacturers will shy away from artificial coloring as they can get hands-on natural and antioxidant-laden colorings. Ingredients like beet, blue algae, butterfly pea flower, and matcha will be used to make beverages look like the colors of the rainbow. The butterfly pea which can change color from blue to pink when the acidity is altered will be extremely popular in new products launches in 2019.

Superfoods Backed By Ancient Tradition

Many consumers are familiar with superfoods but next year’s trend on the functional beverage is to use superfood ingredients that are backed by ancient tradition such as Chinese Traditional Medicine and Ayurveda. You can see so many products these days that contain superfoods used in Ayurvedic medicine such as turmeric, goji berries, ashwagandha, and many others.


Probiotics will also be a significant trend in functional beverages because of their proven health benefits. But instead of the usual yogurt, you can expect probiotics drinks to be sold on supermarket shelves. For instance, kombucha and cider juices will grow in market share. They are currently dominating many mocktails and cocktail menus.

Sustainable Functional Beverages

Being health conscious also equates to being sustainable and environmentally-friendly. As such, many people will also be looking for functional beverages that promote sustainable living. Ingredients like Cannabis oil that is known to help relieve pain and other mental disorders are seen as a sustainable source of healing compounds as it is known to require less water and space to grow. However, growing such ingredient is still limited as there are laws that restrict its cultivation.

The year 2019 will be an exciting year for functional beverages. Learn more about our functional ingredients, fruit and vegetable powders by downloading our R&D kit below.

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