Millennials Enjoy Energy Drinks Even With Safety Concerns

Over and over, concerns have been raised by the consumption of some of the ingredients in energy drinks and shots. From these concerns, we would expect the use of these products to go down as people strive to have a healthy lifestyle, but this is far from the reality. The consumption of energy drinks and shots have been on the rise. In America, it is expected that their consumption will continue to increase, especially among the millennials. A new report indicates that millennial consumption of energy drinks increased to 61% in a period of one year, this was a 6 % rise from the figures recorded in 2014. This is despite the fact that the Millennials express their reservations and concerns for energy drinks. 

Energy Drinks Need Warnings & Better Labeling

A significant percentage of energy drink consumers feel that manufacturers should provide more information to help the users make an informed decision. Customers are asking manufacturers to include details on the healthy amount that should be consumed on a daily basis. The labeling will help consumers avoid a situation where they drink more than is necessary. 

Consumer Behavior Explained

Energy drink consumers are aware of the dangers they put themselves in from consuming energy drinks, but surprisingly this does not stop them from consuming the products. Lifestyle changes have been partially blamed for the increased consumption. Older millennials are experiencing new situations like getting married or having kids that require more energy; this makes them resort to energy drinks to supplement those increased energy requirements. These same people display brand loyalty and have a potential of using the drinks for a longer period compared to other groups.

It is widely agreed and known that some of the ingredients used in making energy drinks are not healthy, but this seems to be a small concern to the majority of the consumers. They continue to take the drinks despite the concerns… With this kind of situation, it will take more than safety warnings to help people in making informed decisions about how they can lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Create Cleaner Labels with Simpler Ingredients

Energy drink manufacturers are going to be affected by the growing health and nutrition trend in the United States. The data from Mintel may indicate that millennials still enjoy energy drinks, but that trend is set to change. Consumers are demanding food and beverage products to use simpler ingredients and cleaner labels.

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